Doctor Strange

Kaecilius and the zealots have killed the sorcerers at the Hong Kong sanctum and destroyed its beacon; with the beacons at London and New York already broken, Earth has no protection against the Dark Dimension, leaving Dormammu free to invade.

Strange and Mordo arrive and witness the destruction before Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to rewind time. The pair resurrect Wong, but Kaecilius halts the spell right before the beacon is rebuilt, freezing the group in time.

As Kaecilius describes the Dark Dimension as a reality beyond time, Strange enters and traps himself and Dormammu a time loop; Strange is repeatedly killed, but time resets to the moment Strange arrives. As time does not exist in the Dark Dimension, Dormammu has no control over it. His will is eventually broken and lets Stephen name his terms for the end of the time loop; to leave Earth alone, never return, and to take Kaecilius and the zealots with him.

Time begins to flow in Hong Kong as the rogue sorcerers are dragged into the Dark Dimension. Though the day has been saved, Mordo is appalled by Strange using the reality-bending time magic and abandons the sorcerers. Strange and Wong return to Kamar-Taj, where it is revealed the Eye of Agamotto's time controlling nature is due to the fact it contains an Infinity Stone. Strange is appointed master of the New York sanctum as he accepts his role in the mystic arts.

In a scene set during the credits, Thor visits Strange and asks for his help in finding Odin; this hints at the events in Thor: Ragnarok. In a scene set after the credits, Mordo tracks down Pangborn and absorbs his magic, reverting Pangborn to a quadriplegic state.

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Visible crew/equipment: After Doctor Strange experiments with the magical doorway in the Sanctum Sanctorum, he leaves it on a desert view and we cut to a shot panning across all the artifacts. At the very start of the shot on the right hand side of the screen is a crewmember standing in the shadows looking bored. Really blatant if you turn up the brightness, but easy enough to spot if you know what you're looking at. (00:56:00)

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Trivia: Mid credits scene: Thor pays a visit to Strange to help with Loki and find Odin. This scene takes place in the upcoming 2017 Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok.


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Question: Why didn't Strange heal his hands and continue being a surgeon?


Answer: For now, he is still in the midst of studying the mystical arts that he has not yet mastered and may not be able or interested in returning to his former profession at this time. He has also assumed the role as caretaker of the New York Sanctum, and is dedicated to helping protect Earth (along with the London and Hong Kong Sanctums) from threats by the other dimensions.

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Answer: Medically, he could not heal his hands. He spent his entire fortune trying to return to being a surgeon through experimental procedures. Once he completed his training to become a sorcerer, he realised there was more to the world than he realised. The Ancient One correctly stated that he was a surgeon for his own ego; he wanted to prove he was the best and helped people for that reason only. By joining the sorcerers he was given a greater purpose and chose this over returning to his former life.

His hands were healing, just not quickly enough for his needs. This was showing his egotistical attitudes.

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