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Doctor Strange is one of those Marvel movies that never really worked for me.

The biggest reason I watch the Marvel movies are for their characters and stories, and this movie falls completely short on that aspect. The story line felt very basic and uninspired. The writing for the most part has no charm or wit. It is practically a Marvel tradition to have comedy, but that falls flat on virtually every occasion.

As for the characters, they are pretty weak. Benedict Cumberbatch is fine as Doctor Strange, but his character never felt strong enough to support an entire movie. He worked better in Infinity War because he was part of a team and had others he could work off. Rachel McAdams’ character is... a nurse, that’s honestly just her character. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen and Benedict Wong are fine in their roles, but I never truly felt a connection with their characters.

The biggest problem I have with the characters is that they have no chemistry with one another, so it becomes really difficult to care about any of them. The fight sequences and visual effects are undoubtedly amazing, but they are ultimately weighed down by a story that feels painstakingly basic.

Casual Person

Factual error: In the first scene where Dr Strange is preparing for surgery he uses improper surgical gowning technique breaking aseptic protocols. Strange puts on a mask after washing his hands, contaminating his clean hands by bringing them in proximity to the non-sterile environment of his face. Surgical masks must be worn before the full washing of hands. Another error is that he inserted his hands all the way through his gown to don gloves. Hands must never leave the sleeves and gloves must be put on with the sleeves still covering.

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Question: Why didn't Strange heal his hands and continue being a surgeon?


Answer: For now, he is still in the midst of studying the mystical arts that he has not yet mastered and may not be able or interested in returning to his former profession at this time. He has also assumed the role as caretaker of the New York Sanctum, and is dedicated to helping protect Earth (along with the London and Hong Kong Sanctums) from threats by the other dimensions.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Medically, he could not heal his hands. He spent his entire fortune trying to return to being a surgeon through experimental procedures. Once he completed his training to become a sorcerer, he realised there was more to the world than he realised. The Ancient One correctly stated that he was a surgeon for his own ego; he wanted to prove he was the best and helped people for that reason only. By joining the sorcerers he was given a greater purpose and chose this over returning to his former life.

His hands were healing, just not quickly enough for his needs. This was showing his egotistical attitudes.

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