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Corrected entry: In the scene where the barman drops the drinks on Jack Nicholson, the cups are fixed to the tray. This is seen when the barman takes the tray up from the floor, and in the next scene, when he puts it on the table at the bathroom.

Correction: I have watched this scene closely several times. The man holds the tray perfectly flat and there is no indication whatsoever that the glasses are glued to the tray.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack is talking through the door of the food closet he has been locked into, his right hand is leaning on a long thin door handle on his side of the door. However, a later shot of the door shows the same handle to be on the right hand side of the door, in which case in the earlier shot he would have been leaning on it with his left hand.

Correction: In every scene, the knob is on the left.

Corrected entry: Jack is walking through the apartment towards the bathroom door with the ax. In the scene before he enters the apartment, "redrum" is written on the bathroom door. In the shot where we see him getting ready to break down the bathroom door, "redrum" is missing from the door.

Correction: The writing on the door "redrum" does not disappear. When Jack is getting ready to break the door down, the writing is out of camera range, which is why it can't be seen in this shot.


Corrected entry: When Jack is talking to Lloyd the bartender, his Jack Daniels goes from being two thirds full to nearly empty two or three times without him having drunk any.

Corrected entry: It took Jack 60 seconds to break down the first door.. After the 17th ax swings he only has a little bit of the door chopped out and if you look closely his ax is in the center of the door panel. In the next shot they cut to inside the apartment as he finally breaks through, now it's on the left side of the door panel. (02:01:00 - 02:01:40)


Correction: So it takes him longer than you think it should to chop down a solid wooden door. He is drunk, or hungover, perhaps. Not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: Jack runs away from the woman in room 237 and if you look out the front door the hallway is lit up. When he finally runs out of the room the hallway is now dark. (01:15:55)


Correction: This may be because Jack is inside a ghostly illusion in room 237 - seeing a lit hallway from inside the haunted room is part of the way that particular ghost manifests itself. When Jack stumbles out, he sees the hallway the way it really is, dark.


Corrected entry: In room 237 the chairs and table on the right side of the bedroom are dark. When the old woman follows Jack out of the bathroom he walks through the bedroom again and all of these items are now lit up. (01:15:25)


Correction: That may be because the entire room is part of the ghostly illusion - the first time Jack sees the bedroom the way it really is, but after the ghost appears, he sees the room the way it was when she died.


Corrected entry: Wendy's reaction to the old bloodied gentleman in the back of the lobby is great but if you look closely there's no reason for it as he doesn't move or make a sound while she's obviously facing the other way. (02:12:40)


Correction: Look again. He raises his glass in a toast and asks her "Great party, isn't it". So he both moves and speaks.


Corrected entry: Wendy is in the apartment talking to herself trying to decide what she should do with Danny and we see the right side of the apartment as she walks around. Lots of stuff has disappeared since Mr. Ullman's tour, most notable is the lamp on top of the bookcase. (01:31:50)


Correction: As explained several times already, time has passed between Ullmann's tour and later scenes. It is quite possible for the Torrance's to have moved things around in the days or weeks they have been there. Especially in their own apartment, where they want to be as comfortable as possible.


Corrected entry: As Jack looks into the lobby of The Overlook and hears Dick yelling, "Hello" we get another chance to see the rug underneath the television set. The one there now is different then what was there as Danny and Wendy watched "The summer of 42" earlier in the movie, and the TV is in front of the wrong window. (00:51:40 - 02:07:20)


Correction: There's no reason they can't have rearranged furniture and changed rugs as the movie goes on.


Corrected entry: In the Colorado Lounge a sofa appears facing, and in front of Jack's desk as he throws the tennis ball. During Mr. Ullman's tour it wasn't there. (00:37:45)


Correction: As explained several times before, between Mr. Ullman's tour and following scenes from the Overlook several days, if not weeks, have passed. There has been plenty of time for the Torrances to move furniture around to places they prefer. After all, they are going to be stuck inside the hotel for several months, might as well make themselves as comfortable as possible.


Corrected entry: In the long shot of Jack typing just before the shot of Wendy trying to phone the forest rangers we see that there's no rug in front of his desk. It was there during Mr. Ulman's tour. (00:20:45 - 00:47:05)


Correction: Several weeks pass between those two scenes. Plenty of time for the Torrances to move the rug.


Corrected entry: As Jack screams from his nightmare, Wendy runs through the kitchen and we see the large fireplace before she enters The Colorado Lounge. We saw this spot before as Mr. Ullman took them on the tour of the hotel in the beginning of the movie and the floor lamp across from the fireplace next to the desk has disappeared. (00:21:10 - 00:59:30)


Correction: Between the interview and Jack's nightmare, several days, or even weeks have passed. There's plenty of time for the Torrances to have moved the lamp.


Corrected entry: After the green tennis ball startles Danny he looks straight down the hall and we see one cylindrical ash tray on the right. Four shots later as he walks down the hall towards room 237 another large cylindrical ashtray appears on the left of the hall. (00:58:55)


Correction: Many hotels has (or had, while smoking indoors were permitted) ashtrays standing evenly-spaced throughout the hallways. I have seen this many times, in several hotels in different countries. And for economical and aesthetical reasons, these trays are bought in bulk and therefore looks similar.


Corrected entry: The production team obviously tries to age The Gold Room back to the 20s in the party scene. But they make a mistake inside the bathroom, which has several late twentieth century air ducts, and mid twentieth century acoustic tiling on the ceiling. There's absolutely no indication that these ghostly apparitions, or Jack's delusions, oscillate in time between different decades and that they are not mistakes . (01:26:30)


Correction: Except that, as you yourself pointed out in another entry, details from the bar changes between Jack's first visit (1970's setting) and the second (1920's setting). There are also nothing to indicate that the images can NOT alternate between time periods as they see fit. There are no set rules as to how supernatural forces can and can not act.


Corrected entry: When Jack walks into The Gold Room the second time there's a party going on which is obviously set around the 1920s. As he sits down at the bar even the cash register has been changed from the modern style we saw when he first met Lloyd to a vintage early 20th century model. What should have been changed also but wasn't are the liquor bottles behind the bar which are the same ones as before, only shuffled around slightly. (01:04:35 - 01:23:00)


Correction: Both of these could be caused by the gradually stronger supernatural qualities of the hotel. The first time in the bar, the hotel is not strong enough to project images of earlier days, so what Jack then sees is what's really there (except for Lloyd and the bottles). Later, as the hotel awakens more and more, the images and ghosts become bigger, stronger and more focused, thus being able to project an entire party with 1920's settings. There are numerous other instances where this is shown. As for the bottles, they might be a part of Lloyd's ghost, thus looking the same, but as a good bartender he occasionally uses or replaces them.


Corrected entry: Dick Hallorann approaches The Overlook in his Snow cat and as he first spots the hotel there are tracks where there should be none, in the snow ahead of him. No other vehicles have been up there, so they must be from a previous take. (02:04:40)


Correction: He is on the mountain road that "leads" to the Overlook, but there is no reason other places are along this same access road wouldn't exist. It seems perfectly reasonable that anyone else living in that area would have to have a means of transportation as well, or else they would be stranded for months at a time.


Corrected entry: A map of the hedge maze is shown on a signpost in one scene and it is quite small and symmetrical. Later when Shelly and her son are in the maze the camera pans up for a birds-eye view of the actual maze which is much larger and asymmetrical.

Correction: The signpost is not intended to be an exact map of the hedge maze. The hotel and maze are something of a tourist attraction, and the sign is pointing the way.

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Corrected entry: In the French version of the movie, there is something strange. Danny is called "Doc" by his parents (Doc, Doctor, the smart one, as far as I understand, right?), which sounds like "Duck." In French, we do not have such a "Doc" expression for children and the translator used the word "Canard" which means "Duck" (I have never heard anybody call his kid "Canard," except "Mon canard"). Funny and complicated for translator's work since "Canard" and "Doc" do not have the same number of syllables. In fact, Doc is based on the Bugs Bunny Phrase "Whats up, Doc?" It shouldn't change for the French version, because its like a name or nickname.

Correction: Changing a name when translating is hardly a mistake. It was intentional and probably done because French audiences would be less familiar with Bugs Bunny.

Corrected entry: When Jack is sitting at the bar and orders a drink, he takes his wallet out of his back right pocket. Just before that scene when he is walking into the Gold Room, you can very see (thanks to a short jacket and snug jeans) that there is no wallet in his back pocket. After that scene when he goes into Room 273 you can again see that he has no wallet in his pocket though there would have been no time or reason for him to leave it anywhere.

Correction: This is because he does not really have his wallet when he talks with Lloyd (the bartender) in the Gold Room. Two possible explanations to this: He imagines the scene in his cabin fever and alcoholism, or the Overlook is sending him these images to be able to tell him that his credit with the House is fine, i.e. that the spirits of the hotel trust him and value his service. The wallet is in his room the whole time, and actually contains money (as seen in the scene where Grady spills Advocaat on him, when he has retrieved it and gone back to the bar), but he does not carry it around since there is nothing to buy up there.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Danny is talking to his Mom and eating a sandwich, the sandwich gets about 5 bites smaller in a split second. (00:04:45)

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Jack Torrance: Wendy, let me explain something to you. Whenever you come in here and interrupt me, you're breaking my concentration. You're distracting me. And it will then take me time to get back to where I was. You understand?
Wendy Torrance: Yeah.
Jack Torrance: Now, we're going to make a new rule. When you come in here and you hear me typing [types], or whether you DON'T hear me typing, or whatever the FUCK you hear me doing, when I'm in here, it means that I am working. THAT means don't come in. Now, do you think you can handle that?
Wendy Torrance: Yeah.
Jack Torrance: Good. Now why don't you start right now and get the fuck out of here?

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Trivia: Kubrick tortured Shelly Duvall to get the performance he wanted out of her. He told the crew to have no sympathy for her, and pushed her to do many retakes until she would cry. The scene where she walked backwards on the stairs with the baseball bat was filmed up to 127 times by some counts. At the end of filming she presented Kubrick with clumps of her hair that had fallen out due to stress.


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Question: Who were all the skeletons that the Mother sees toward the end of the film? It's never explained. Also, what room was that?

Answer: It was The Gold Room. The skeletons are simply those of past guests: we never learn their identities.

Not the Gold Room. It's the lobby area you see earlier in the movie when they first get there and Jack is sitting in a chair reading a magazine.

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