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Shanghai Noon (2000)

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Continuity mistake: When the hangman puts the noose over Roy's head, he places the knot on Roy's shoulder so it hangs down the front of his body, as does Chon's. The camera then cuts to a wide shot of the gallows and the knots on both Roy's and Chon's nooses are suddenly hanging down their backs.

Continuity mistake: When you look at the bottle of whiskey during the Chinese Drinking Game, you can see the bottle's contents shrink and grow.

Continuity mistake: When Lo Fong cuts off Chon Weng's ponytail, Chon turns and you can see he still has the ponytail.

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Suggested correction: Not all of it was cut off.


Factual error: During the train fight scenes, as they are hopping from wagon to wagon, you can see the wagons fitted with modern couplings to connect them together, rather than the throw-over hook and loop couplings that would have been fitting for the time the film was set.

Revealing mistake: When Roy and Chon are escaping from jail, Chon uses all his strength to bend one of the iron bars aside so that Roy can squeeze through. But, as Roy squeezes through, the iron bar behind him (which should be rigid) also visibly flexes, revealing that the bars are made of rubber or plastic tubing.

Charles Austin Miller

Marshal Nathan Van Cleef: Mighty impressive hardware you packin' there.
Roy O'Bannon: Why don't you get your eyes of my package, you twisted son of a bitch.

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Trivia: As usual, Jackie Chan made his stunts all by himself, but with a new trick on the list: he had never ridden a horse before.

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Question: What is the translation of the Chinese drinking game Roy and Chon play?

Answer: One crab with eight feet, painted horns - what a big crab./ Blinking eyes, shrinking head,/ crawling, crawling everywhere./ Two and Two, who should drink?/ Three and three, who drink first?/ Five and Five, who should drink?/ Two and two, you drink first.


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