Shanghai Noon

Continuity mistake: Jackie Chan fights the Indians in the stream. His clothes are soaked. But as soon as he is on the land to fight the others, his clothes are dry.


Continuity mistake: In the desert, when Roy is buried alive, Jackie walks up and casts a shadow over his face. In the next shot, the shadow is facing a different direction. It continually changes throughout this scene.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the hanging scene when the horses and wagon charge the gallows, the wagon hits the structure, the sheriff falls, you can see the horse break free from the wagon, leaving it under the fallen gallows. The next scene the horses are back attached to the wagon again.


Continuity mistake: When Jackie goes into the tent (at the coal mine) to talk to the Princess, it is broad day-light. When he comes out (three minutes later) it is pitch black out side.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the hanging scene, Roy O'Bannon's rope that he is being hung from is seen to be cut, but in the next camera shot you see the Indian girl shoot the rope and cut it.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film, when the three volunteers are kneeling and Jackie Chan comes up behind them, he also kneels down at a considerable distance behind them. The camera cuts to a different shot, then immediately back to the Imperial Guards, and now Chan is directly behind them.


Continuity mistake: When the camera is under the train in the beginning of the film you see only one carriage/wagon pass over the camera, but in fact it should be a train with several wagons.


Continuity mistake: When trying to escape from Roy's 'hideout', Roy doesn't have his hat with him. Later when he saves Chon in the Chinese encampment he has it. In this scene he says that he followed Chon so he wouldn't have had time to return for the hat. Also, returning to somewhere that he is well-known for frequenting would have been foolish considering there would probably be quite a few people out looking for then as they had just escaped being hung.


Continuity mistake: At the last part of the hanging scene when Roy falls into his casket, you can see that his hands aren't tied together when he falls in. But in the next shot, he's on his back with his hands still tied.


Continuity mistake: When Jackie is fighting the bad guy at end at the top of the of bell tower, the bad guy bends his sword very badly. When they fall to the bottom and the bad guy picks his sword back up, it is perfectly straight again.


Continuity mistake: When Chan is planning to leave Roy and go it alone, he takes his hat off of his horse. The camera cuts to a shot from behind Chan, and the hat is now hanging behind his neck.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie Chan is cornered behind the bar, he ducks down, grabs the rope and drapes it on the horse shoe, but when he stands up, the rope is tied in a perfect, very complicated knot.

Continuity mistake: When Chon and Roy are on the gallows about to be hanged, there is a series of quick switches between shots of the gallows and shots of the girl's hands as she loads a rifle, cocks it, and raises the sight to take aim. However, those three shots (muzzle, cocking mechanism, and sight) are of three different firearms; none of which are the one she is eventually seen firing at the gallows.

Continuity mistake: When Chon attacks Roy for touching his ponytail, he has a cowboy hat on. During the attack, Chon's head goes out of sight for a second and then comes back in but his hat has disappeared. Also, right after that Chon says, "Never touch my cue," and he pulls his hat out of nowhere.

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Suggested correction: You can see the hat fall off during the scuffle. Later, he leans down - presumably to pick up the hat.

Continuity mistake: When the hangman puts the noose over Roy's head, he places the knot on Roy's shoulder so it hangs down the front of his body, as does Chon's. The camera then cuts to a wide shot of the gallows and the knots on both Roy's and Chon's nooses are suddenly hanging down their backs.

Continuity mistake: When you look at the bottle of whiskey during the Chinese Drinking Game, you can see the bottle's contents shrink and grow.

Continuity mistake: When Lo Fong cuts off Chon Weng's ponytail, Chon turns and you can see he still has the ponytail.

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Suggested correction: Not all of it was cut off.


Factual error: The evil man request 100,000 pieces of gold for ransom. Each gold piece looks to be about 10 ounces, and 100,000 of those would make the entire thing weigh about 31 tons, but 2 guys are carrying it around in a little chest throughout the movie.

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Lo Fong: One thing about the Chinese, Mr. Andrews. We do not renegotiate.

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Trivia: As usual, Jackie Chan made his stunts all by himself, but with a new trick on the list: he had never ridden a horse before.

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Question: What was the meaning of John's ponytail? Why didn't he want it to be touched or cut off?

Answer: His religion states, more or less, that if his hair is ever cut then he cannot enter heaven.

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