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Revealing mistake: When the computer is being hacked and the password and/or code for the database is shown on the screen, most of the display is for an Autodesk printer driver. (01:39:00)


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Continuity mistake: At the party scene in the early minutes of the movie, the bad guy who calls the two women to his place to "party" is shot once in the knee. Blood spurts and a gaping hole is made in his dark blue pant's leg by the bullet. Seconds earlier, the black hooker is shot three times. Where are the three gaping holes and blood on her solid white dress? Ah, there are none. (00:26:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Mike and Max are talking in the equipment room, the clock behind them reads 3:27:40 twice - once before and once after Marcus drops the weights on his chest. (00:16:55)


Continuity mistake: The kegs of ether in the truck have hazardous material labels applied to them. These are diamond shaped labels that indicate the class of material in the container. Throughout the chase scene they alternate between Flammable Liquid labels (solid red) and Flammable Solid labels (half red, half white).

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Continuity mistake: During the shoot-out in the lobby of Mike's apartment building, Chet calls 911 to report the event. In the first shot of him he is holding two dogs and in the next shot he is only holding one dog. (01:34:33)

Visible crew/equipment: When Marcus is driving and Mike is saying that he is driving slow enough to drive Miss Daisy, when the camera is facing them from the driver's side you can see where the camera is attached to the driver's door. [This may only be in the full frame version. In the wide-screen version, the frame doesn't show any of the door, just the top of the wing mirror.]

Other mistake: In the Ether truck chase, Marcus is driving and turning the wheel excessively, however the truck remains on a straight path. (01:07:35)

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Audio problem: When the bad guys attack the main girl's house, one is heard to be pumping his shotgun between shots. The gun is a SPAS-12, and the pump-action is only used when firing non-lethal rounds; otherwise it fires semi-automatically.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Martin Lawrence is in bed with his wife, he wakes up on the left side of the bed and leans over turn the alarm off. The next shot he's on the right side of the bed and the alarm has moved to the right side too, he's reaching over to turn it off.

Continuity mistake: When Marcus and Mike are chasing the bad guys who have Julie, the sun changes between shots - while the bad guys are getting away in the cab, in the background you can see it's sunset, but in he next shot the sun is shining back again.


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Revealing mistake: In the mad taxi sequence, there is a shot of the taxi with sparks shooting out. If you look closely you can see the device that made the sparks. (01:33:10)

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Audio problem: When the Captain is on about the Heroin being stolen he says something along the lines of "we got nothing, and he left us a big f*** you". When he says "we got nothing" his mouth doesn't match the words on the audio. (00:14:25)

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Continuity mistake: After Mike has killed the bad guy at the end, the distance of the bad guy's hand from the gun changes instantly. (01:48:30)

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Other mistake: In the scene where Mike returns to his apartment for the first time since Julie was living there, as they walk towards the elevator Chet says "Hey Mr Lowrey" to Mike then says "Hey Mr Lowrey" to Marcus although Marcus never told him that he was taking Mike's identity.

Visible crew/equipment: When Julie rings Mike and ends up speaking to Marcus, Julie's microphone wire can be seen running along her jumper. (00:33:30)

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Suggested correction: No it can't.

Marcus Burnett: You see what happens when you go off without me? You get into shit.
Mike Lowrey: Oh please, like shit don't happen when you're there.
Marcus Burnett: That - that ain't the point.

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Trivia: Pretty much all of the dialog between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith was ad-libbed. The original script can be found here:, as Don Simpson and Jerry Buckheimer thought it would be better and more funny.


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