Bad Boys

Corrected entry: Right after Martin Lawrence asks his wife if he can get a pillow, in the next shot Will Smith is getting out of a police car. As the camera pans, before the car door opens, a crew member is reflected in the car.

Correction: The area where the car pulls up is full of people. It could easily be a member of public or police officer.


Corrected entry: The end of the film during the airport scene is supposed to be taking place in Miami like the rest of the film. But if you watch closely, there are mountains in the background. Anyone that has been to or lived in Miami knows that there are certainly no mountains or even hills.

Correction: Having just watched this part of the movie, I can't see any mountains.


Corrected entry: In the 2nd scene of the movie, the bad guys are going to break into police headquarters to steal the heroin. They shot the decoy policeman to get other officers out of the building. They wait for the helicopter to clear the helipad. They steal the heroin and exit the building through the trash chute on the side of the building. How did they get to the roof? They were on a 22 minute schedule according to the time keeper. That is not enough time to get up the chute. (00:06:20)

Correction: They could have climbed a fire escape - it doesn't take too long to run up several flights of stairs.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Lowrey is crawling under the ether barrels in the chase sequence, you can hear him yell, "Why I always got to come up with ideas?" If you look at his face, he doesn't say anything. (01:08:50)

T Poston

Correction: There is a huge shadow over his mouth so you can't see if he says it or not.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the two women go to the "party" at the hotel, they meet up with Ed Dominguez, the "ex" Cop. When they get there Julie is wearing red lipstick. When their Mr. Dominguez goes over to her to greet them, Julie is wearing no lipstick. Then after she pushes him away and glances over to her friend she is wearing lipstick again. (00:23:40)

Correction: She is wearing lipstick the whole time.


Corrected entry: The scene where Mike, Marcus and Julie is trying to get away from the bad guys in the ice-cream truck filled with ether; Mike shoots the barrels of ether he just threw out of the truck and the car chasing them explodes - you can see the cables connected to the car doors that keep them from flying all over the place. (01:09:00)

Correction: No cables can be seen.


Corrected entry: At room temperature, ether is a gas. It is transported under pressure as a liquid in those tall skinny cylinders; not in metal barrels. (01:10:40)


Correction: Then it would be a pretty warm room. The boiling point of ether is 34.6 deg c (94.3 deg f). At room temperature (~70 degrees f / 21 degrees c) ether is an admittedly volatile liquid. Source:

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Will Smith's Porsche has no license plate on the front, but in the scene in which the heroes escape from the bursting hangar at the airport, the Porsche has a front plate, a French one. (01:45:00)

Correction: In the beginning the Porsche does have those plates. In the opening scene after Martin Lawerence drops the french fries Will Smith pulls over the car to the curb and than the plate is in the picture. It is a black French plate with silver letters.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where the villains are breaking into the precinct, they use some kind of "freon" type spray to make the lock brittle so it can easily be broken. Well look at what these geniuses use to shatter the lock...a pair of lock cutters.

Correction: Using bolt cutters to cut a lock of that size requires time that they did not have. It is simpler and quicker to make the lock brittle and shatter it. The bolt cutters were presumably a back up in case they came up against any smaller padlocks.

Corrected entry: When Will Smith examines the murder scene near the beginning of the film he notices that the glass has 2 different shades of lipstick and therefore they have to find the "witness" because presumably she may be in danger. Surely any person unaccounted for, who has been present during a murder but fled the scene, should be regarded as a suspect - the police don't know at that point what happened therefore they have no idea what the girl saw.

Correction: Watch the scene again. Nobody ever says she is a witness or a suspect. Will Smith only says: "somebody's missing from the party" and Joe Pantoliano responds by telling him to find her. The first time they refer to her as 'the witness' is when she rings up the police station in hysterics claiming to have seen the whole thing.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are in a Porsche catching the bad guy. The whole time Martin Lawrence is driving, BOTH hands are on the steering wheel. Now most of us know that Porsches have a manual transmission, so shouldn't Martin Lawrence be switching gears during the chase?

Correction: Hopefully someone else can confirm, but it appears that from around 1995 onwards some Porsche models came with an optional 'tiptronic' automatic transmission.

david barlow

Corrected entry: When Marcus is talking to his wife in the bedroom near the beginning, he's facing his right. In the next frame he's facing his left (We can't see his wife). In the shot after that he's facing right again.

Correction: It's in a mirror.

Plot hole: Why was $100,000,000 worth of heroin sitting in the police vault all this time before the bad guys stole it? Wouldn't the DEA have taken possession of the drugs long before that?

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Marcus Burnett: Oh, man, that was cold.
Detective Sanchez: Yeah, so was your mama's bed.

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Trivia: Pretty much all of the dialog between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith was ad-libbed. The original script can be found here:, as Don Simpson and Jerry Buckheimer thought it would be better and more funny.


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