Save the Last Dance

Factual error: It's established that the kids live in and go to school on the South Side (south of the Loop), and much is made of the fact that Malakai has nothing but his "respect" within his neighbourhood. At the movie's end, where Malakai wants Derek to accompany him on the robbery/murder, he tells Derek, "Meet me at 47th street, under the El." Yet when Derek runs off and jumps on the train to go meet Sara, we see him getting on a Brown Line train - those trains can only be found on the North side, miles and miles away from 47th street. In addition, his train is shown heading SOUTH toward the Loop, which means in order to be going that direction on that train he'd have rode on the train for about an hour, past the Loop entirely, then gotten off and turned back around toward the Loop again.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, Sara gets off the train and tells her father that she has two small bags and one big one, but she was riding a Metra train and you cannot check baggage on a Metra train.

Visible crew/equipment: About half way through the movie, Sara and Derek are at Sara's apartment and she tells him that her father has a good stereo system. When she turns it on, you can see the reflection of the pole that holds the boom mic in a framed picture of a woman's face just to the upper right of her head. (01:23:20)

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Derek: Yeah, but six months here gotta be better than six up the juvie.
Malakai: Yeah, they got girls in here.

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Trivia: The woman who choreographed the dance scenes in the movie is also the choreographer for the Backstreet Boys. She uses a lot of "Backstreet style" dance moves in the movie, especially during Sara's second audition for Julliard. The dance moves she does with the chair are the same moves the Backstreet Boys use in their video for "As Long As You Love Me".

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Question: The first time Sarah goes out clubbing with Chenille, they run into some other girls from their school. One of them is Nikki, who gets mean and says that she's 'not walking on eggshells just because someone brought the Brady Bunch to the N*gro club'. Chenille gets offended and yells "Nikki, you did not just call me a N*gro." How is the term N*gro offensive? Or were they just not allowed to say ni**err in this movie? (Perhaps to preserve the rating?) Someone please help - this has been driving me nuts.

Answer: "N*gro" was the PC term in the 60's. While by no means vulgar, it has mostly fallen out of use and some people are offended by it.

Grumpy Scot

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