Save the Last Dance

Sarah's childhood dream was to be the Prima Ballerina. She has done ballet all her life but her Mom dies on her way to see Sarah audition to Juilliard. Sarah gives up on her Ballet and goes to live with her Dad, Roy. Roy lives in a ghetto area and Sarah has to go to a school where there are very few white people. Sarah meets Chenille, a teenage Mom, Diggy and Chenille?s brother Derek. After seeing her in gym class, Chenille tells Sarah she should come to Steppes, a club. Sarah agrees and Snookie, a DJ and thief, gets her an ID. At the club Sarah ends up dancing with Derek and afterwards he offers to help her work on her hip hop moves. Derek starts to like Sarah. Derek wants to be a doctor and gets into Georgetown then takes Sarah to see a ballet. Sarah starts to do ballet again so she can get in to Juilliard. Meanwhile Derek's ex Nikki notices what's going on between Sarah and Derek and has a fight with Sarah then tells her that a white girl shouldn't be dating a black guy. Chenille is upset because her son's Dad Kenny never comes to see them and ends up telling Sarah that she shouldn't be dating Derek because he's one of the very few decent black guys out there. Sarah gets offended and Derek and Sarah break up after an argument. Sarah audition falls on the same day that Derek?s friend Malaki want to drive by and wants Derek to come with him. Derek agrees then backs out when Chenille tell him what she said to Sarah. He goes to Sarah audition where Sarah mixes ballet with hip hop then gets into Juilliard. Malaki gets his friends shot and ends up in prison. Sarah and Derek hook up again and Chenille gets back together with her son's father.

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