Home (2015)

6 mistakes

Audio problem: When Oh and Tip are searching through the crashed Gorg drone, Pig's meow is briefly heard, but he is not with them.

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Continuity mistake: When first arriving on Earth the aliens do a clean up of things not needed, one of these being toilets, then in a scene minutes later you see the main alien character brushing his teeth with a toilet brush standing next to a toilet.



Factual error: Pig (the cat) is referred to as "he" throughout the movie, but is a calico. All calico cats are female.

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Continuity mistake: In the MO PO store just after taking a swig of oil, Oh continues walking but an entire set of shelves appears behind him.

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Continuity mistake: The prices change in the cooler that Oh is locked in.

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Continuity mistake: The part when the Gorg will be given the rock. Who had it? It just appears in Lucy's hand.

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