Home (2015)

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Audio problem: When Oh and Tip are searching through the crashed Gorg drone, Pig's meow is briefly heard, but he is not with them.

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Continuity mistake: When first arriving on Earth the aliens do a clean up of things not needed, one of these being toilets, then in a scene minutes later you see the main alien character brushing his teeth with a toilet brush standing next to a toilet.

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Factual error: Pig (the cat) is referred to as "he" throughout the movie, but is a calico. All calico cats are female.

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More mistakes in Home

Oh: When the other Boov's said, "Oh!" I knew they were not happy to see me. The truth is that among the Boov, I do not fit in - I fit out.

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Oh: Now we can go find Mymom.
Tip: That's my mom.
Oh: That is the thing that I said.

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Question: The Gorg almost got an invitation from Oh, but didn't get it. So, how did it know to come to Earth?

Chosen answer: It was tracking the "shusher" or his kids.

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