Plot hole: What happened to the second car? Larry sideswiped it and forced it off the road. Vincent and Sam seem to arrive in Nice first but somehow that second car is ahead of them when they force it to crash at the market.

Plot hole: At the end of the movie Deniro Sam says he was only in this to get to Seamus, and that he never left the CIA. But at the end of the car chase in Paris, when the BMW falls off the bridge into the construction site, Seamus and Deidre are injured, and knocked out, and dragged out of the wreck by the construction workers. Why didn't Sam just go get the incapacitated Seamus then? Or at least follow to see where Seamus and Deidre were taken for medical care?

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Suggested correction: Because at that point he was maintaining the ruse that he was after the case.

Jason Hoffman

Factual error: When Gregor shoots the guy in the car after nearly killing the little girl, blood sprays over the window, but there's no bullet hole. If the bullet exited his head, hence spraying blood, it should have gone through the window too. (00:55:00)

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Jean-Pierre: At the end of the day we are likely to be punished for our kindnesses.

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Trivia: In many of the stunt car scenes you can see the actors apparently driving. The producers used British RHD cars and fitted phoney steering wheels on the passenger sides to make it look as if the stars were really driving.

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