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Visible crew/equipment: When Vincent and Sam are running through the ice rink's changing rooms to get the case off Gregor, the camera passes a mirror. If you pay attention, you can quite clearly see the boom operator wearing a blue and white checked shirt in it. (01:43:40)

Visible crew/equipment: During the initial chase with the Audi S8 immediately after the messed-up arms deal, you can see exhaust fumes and tire smoke from the leading camera car in most front shots of the gang.

Visible crew/equipment: In the mountain chase scene where Robert De Niro pops up out of the sunroof with a bazooka, a close shot of the Mercedes' right front tyre reveals a shadow of equipment ~ possibly the camera.

Visible crew/equipment: After they find the case, De Niro throws the case under the car before it blows up. Then the French guy drives a car up to pick him up and get away. Look at the window when the door is open, you can clearly see the reflection of the boom mic.

Visible crew/equipment: Shortly after the AudiS8 chases the CitroenXM through the fish market, both cars then go into a narrow street. There is a rear shot of the Audi going into the street where you can see camera equipment on the roof of the car. In the next outside shot of the car it has gone.

Factual error: When Gregor shoots the guy in the car after nearly killing the little girl, blood sprays over the window, but there's no bullet hole. If the bullet exited his head, hence spraying blood, it should have gone through the window too. (00:55:00)

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Vincent: Everyone's your brother until the rent comes due.

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Trivia: In many of the stunt car scenes you can see the actors apparently driving. The producers used British RHD cars and fitted phoney steering wheels on the passenger sides to make it look as if the stars were really driving.

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Question: Why does the fake case have wet paint if the swap was planned?

Answer: It's a while since I've seen the movie but if I'm remembering correctly, the meet was at short notice. Gregor had the case prepped for the swap but didn't have a chance to paint it in enough time for the paint to dry properly.


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