Plot hole: What happened to the second car? Larry sideswiped it and forced it off the road. Vincent and Sam seem to arrive in Nice first but somehow that second car is ahead of them when they force it to crash at the market.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, when the group are talking over the ambush to steal the case, Sam walks to the table where Deidre is and Gregor follows. When Sam accidentally knocks the cup off the table, Gregor's hand changes position on the cup between when he catches it and the following shot. (00:14:30)


Factual error: In the scene where the bullet is removed from Robert DeNiro, he notes that it was sprayed with Teflon and claims that this is why it has penetrated the "bulletproof" vest. This is incorrect. Merely spraying a regular bullet with Teflon will not make it pass through body armor. Armor piercing rounds must be constructed of extra hard materials that will not deform, and usually have pointed tips to spread the fibers of the woven material of the armor. The myth of Teflon bullets came from an early round by the KTW company which used Teflon to protect the gun barrel from these extra hard materials.

Visible crew/equipment: In the mountain chase scene where Robert De Niro pops up out of the sunroof with a bazooka, a close shot of the Mercedes' right front tyre reveals a shadow of equipment ~ possibly the camera.

Revealing mistake: During the final chase scene with the BMW and the Peugeot. Just as they go down into the first tunnel, they cut in front of a car transporter forcing it to brake hard. A car on top of it then flips forward onto the road. If you look at the ramp as the car tips up, you can see a mechanical arm/rod lift it up to make it fall off.

Deliberate mistake: When Gregor is holding a long lens camera in a cafe house, he is pointing it at two men, you can see this when he looks through the lens, yet the next shot of through the lens is not from his camera but more like from a person standing right next to the two men. (00:59:40)


Other mistake: After the Teflon-coated bullet is removed from DeNiro, he states that Sergi was trying to "stamp him." The bullet that hit DeNiro was actually a ricochet that Sergi fired at Jean Reno. DeNiro would have known this as he watched it happen. (01:14:20)

Plot hole: At the end of the movie Deniro Sam says he was only in this to get to Seamus, and that he never left the CIA. But at the end of the car chase in Paris, when the BMW falls off the bridge into the construction site, Seamus and Deidre are injured, and knocked out, and dragged out of the wreck by the construction workers. Why didn't Sam just go get the incapacitated Seamus then? Or at least follow to see where Seamus and Deidre were taken for medical care?


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Suggested correction: Because at that point he was maintaining the ruse that he was after the case.

Factual error: When Robert DeNiro fires the grenade launcher at the car, it would have destroyed the car and killed the passengers, not merely blown up the engine. Likewise, firing a LAW rocket at a sedan later in the chase would have completely dismantled the car, not merely blow up the back end. (00:44:35 - 00:46:20)

Continuity mistake: On the freeway chase scene between the BMW and the Peugeot, when the BMW gets flipped over and slides and the Peugeot hits it, the BMW goes over the edge and Peugeot slides round almost facing backwards. In the following shot from the ground the Peugeot has changed direction. (01:29:55)


Continuity mistake: While chasing Deidre the dividers between the lanes change. Right after the chase leaves the tunnel all the views of the road scene looking back at the cars show a road with a solid concrete divider separating oncoming traffic. But all the "driver's eye" views of the road show a post and guard-rail type divider.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the Nice ambush for the silver case, the bad guys are shooting at Sam who is leaning against a grey car. He ducks behind it, but in the following wider shot Sam is still leaning against the grey car. (00:43:10)


Continuity mistake: At the start of the first chase scene in Nice, Jean Reno walks across the road to test the traffic lights device. There are concrete cones to the right of the screen, NOT by the grocery store, yet, on the overhead shot, when he is trying out the lights, three have appeared in front of him next to the grocery store. (00:41:55)


Continuity mistake: During the arms deal scene at the beginning, when Vincent and Spence go underneath the tunnel approaching the arms dealers boss, one of them shouts, "Stop!" He raises his right arm when shouting, but in the following close-up he has actually raised his left arm. Zoom in required. (00:21:45)


Continuity mistake: Just before the group goes out to collect the weapons from the buyers at the beginning of the film, the group are gearing up to go out, and Sam is talking to Deidre about the arms people. When Deidre burns the piece of paper and walks away her hair is obviously going down her back, but in the following shot there is now no hair on her back. (00:15:50)


Continuity mistake: In a close up of one of the alloy wheels on the BMW during the big chase, the wheel has changed style to a cross spoke.

Visible crew/equipment: After they find the case, De Niro throws the case under the car before it blows up. Then the French guy drives a car up to pick him up and get away. Look at the window when the door is open, you can clearly see the reflection of the boom mic.

Factual error: During the chase in Nice, GPS coordinates in Germany and Hungary are shown on Gregor's screen. (00:42:40 - 00:49:15)

Continuity mistake: At 50 minutes in, we have the silver case and paint transfer which DeNiro sees as to why the case he had was fake. But when DeNiro first takes and hands off the case, he has no silver transfer on his jacket front, nor on his sleeve. There's also no silver paint transfer to Gregor, who'd been holding the case before DeNiro took it from him. Once the shot moves to the alleyway, then the silver is seen on DeNiro's coat. (00:50:40)


Visible crew/equipment: Shortly after the AudiS8 chases the CitroenXM through the fish market, both cars then go into a narrow street. There is a rear shot of the Audi going into the street where you can see camera equipment on the roof of the car. In the next outside shot of the car it has gone.

Sergi: Where do I know you from?
Vincent: Vienna.
Sergi: Of course.

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Trivia: In many of the stunt car scenes you can see the actors apparently driving. The producers used British RHD cars and fitted phoney steering wheels on the passenger sides to make it look as if the stars were really driving.

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Question: Why does the fake case have wet paint if the swap was planned?

Answer: It's a while since I've seen the movie but if I'm remembering correctly, the meet was at short notice. Gregor had the case prepped for the swap but didn't have a chance to paint it in enough time for the paint to dry properly.


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