Romeo Must Die

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li searching for his brother's car, after he has pressed the buttons for the alarm, he begins to walk to the driver's side of the car, but when it cuts to inside the car Jet is getting in by the passenger side not the driver's side.

Continuity mistake: When Maurice is running up the stairs in Aaliyah's house, the pizza box he is carrying contains at least 4 slices in it. However, a few shots later, when he enters her room, the box contains only 3 slices of pizza. (01:21:10)

Continuity mistake: The movie takes play in the SF bay area... yet many of the aerial shots of the city are of Vancouver in Canada.

Continuity mistake: When Aaliyah gets in the cab which Jet Li Had stolen, she hands him a wad of cash and tells him to drive her away from the big black dude who's trying to find her. Then, when she's getting out of the cab, Jet Li gives her back her money, a single 50 dollar bill.

Other mistake: At the very end, when Han's father kills himself, Han is allowed to calmly walk out, reunite with Trish, and then both just calmly walk out of the scene without a single police officer stopping them for questioning. There is no way the police could've known at that very moment if Han didn't kill his father, or what exactly took place. Nobody interacts with him, as if everything is perfectly clear to the police.

Continuity mistake: Han and Trish are fighting a Chinese woman after the car chase. Near the end of the fight Han uses Trish to kick the woman, who happens to land on a pointy metal object. She switches from falling forwards to falling backwards between shots. (01:11:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene at Trish's apartment, as Trish is looking out of her window Maurice and the other bodyguards exit a blue SUV. When Han leaves after fight scene outside Trish's apartment he gets into a black SUV.


Factual error: Apparently, Han escapes from a prison in Hong Kong. Then why are the guards speaking Mandarin, which is spoken in China and Taiwan? The guards should have been speaking in Cantonese, which is Hong Kong's dialect. This was probably to convenience Jet Li, who speaks Mandarin but probably little Cantonese.

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Suggested correction: The film was set after the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong so the official language of Hong Kong is now Mandarin as it is in the rest of China.

The principal language of Hong Kong is standard Cantonese, spoken by 88.9% of the population at home daily. As an official language, it is used in education, broadcasting, government administration, legislation and judiciary, as well as for daily communication. As a result of its predominance throughout the community, Cantonese is virtually the exclusive language of official discourse at all levels of the executive, legislature and courts of Hong Kong. Mandarin has increased since 97 but still not the official language.

The official language of Hong Kong is "Chinese." Cantonese is a dialect of Chinese, and not a separately set official language of Hong Kong. While many people communicate in their local dialects, it's not unreasonable to assume they could also be communicating in Mandarin, especially government officials, and especially if they are law enforcement. Not a plot hole or a mistake here.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jet Li is checking out his brother's office to find some clues, he puts a cigarette in his mouth. However, during the flashback you can see his face but his mouth is not holding a cigarette, and when the flashback ends the cigarette is in his mouth again.

Trish: Can you break one of those boards with your head?
Han Sing: Sure.
Trish: I'd have to see that.

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Trivia: The actor who plays Aaliyah's father is in another Jet Li movie, The One, as a detective.

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Question: What did Mac say right before he exited the stairwell to shoot at the chopper with Roth and the others onboard?

Answer: "Go get it." He was just pumping himself up.


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