Romeo Must Die

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, after most of two gangs have been completely wiped out, the police arrive just as Jet Li is leaving the crime scene. Not only do the police let a Chinese man leave the site of a Chinese/black gang incident, the police completely ignore him!

Correction: They were just arriving on scene, they don't know everyone who was involved yet. Police can't just arrest a person for no reason. Walking near a crime scene is not in itself a crime.

Corrected entry: Apparently, Han escapes from a prison in Hong Kong. Then why are the guards speaking Mandarin, which is spoken in China and Taiwan? The guards should have been speaking in Cantonese, which is Hong Kong's dialect. This was probably to convenience Jet Li, who speaks Mandarin but probably little Cantonese.

Correction: The film was set after the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong so the official language of Hong Kong is now Mandarin as it is in the rest of China.

Corrected entry: When Jet Li follows Aaliyah in the taxi, she sets down the bags, Jet walks in, Aaliyah is about to call the police, then she hears the noise and walks over to the window to listen. Beside the window, the lamp is switched on. How did the lamp turn on? We never see either Jet or Aaliyah walk over and turn it on.

Correction: Trish could have left it on or forgot to turn it off when she went shopping.

Corrected entry: When Aaliyah is handing out ice cream to the kids, one of the kids complains he wanted the yellow ice cream, so Aaliyah makes the other kid give him the yellow one, then asks Jet Li if he wanted one. As a joke, Jet Li says "I want the yellow one." Aaliyah says "you can't have the yellow one, you get a green one" but then, when they are walking and talking, both of them are holding a white ice cream.

Correction: If you look closely at the ice cream while Han and Trish are walking, it does show a pale green ice-cream, not white.

Corrected entry: When Han is looking for his brother's car, he presses the key-remote and de-activates the alarm. When he presses it again, he re-activates it. Then he opens the door and gets in. Shouldn't the alarm go off?

Correction: In high-end cars the alarm has a 'call' function to allow you to find the car. Presumably the wealthy lose their cars on a regular basis in parking lots and need to sound the alarm to find them.

Corrected entry: When Trish manages to leave the music store without Maurice noticing you see him spin around and knock a CD rack over. Look at the bottom of the CD rack as Maurice spins around and you can see a black wire that is no doubt attached to the actor pull the CD rack over.

Correction: He doesn't knock it down. He is wearing earphones, the cable of which pulls the rack down as he spins.

Corrected entry: How did Jet Li get money, let alone AMERICAN money to pay for the items in the hardware store?

Correction: The prison guard gives him a substantial wad of cash for a bet as he escapes. As to how he managed to get to America in the first place, it is probably down to his mafia and ex-cop connections.

Corrected entry: At the end, after the big shootout, the black traitor guy empties out his clip and drops his gun, and then takes off after the white men. Then the black father guy uses that same gun to shoot the guy holding his daughter hostage. When there is no clip in a gun, there is only one bullet left in the chamber, but he shot him three times.

Correction: This is not a mistake. Mac emties his chrome plated revolver when the guy with the attache case rifle points at him. Mac is later seen reloading the gun before he fires at the chopper. The gun used by Isaac [Delroy Lindo] to shoot Mac's henchman is a Browning-type gun that someone else must have dropped.

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