Romeo Must Die

Factual error: Apparently, Han escapes from a prison in Hong Kong. Then why are the guards speaking Mandarin, which is spoken in China and Taiwan? The guards should have been speaking in Cantonese, which is Hong Kong's dialect. This was probably to convenience Jet Li, who speaks Mandarin but probably little Cantonese.

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Suggested correction: The film was set after the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong so the official language of Hong Kong is now Mandarin as it is in the rest of China.

The principal language of Hong Kong is standard Cantonese, spoken by 88.9% of the population at home daily. As an official language, it is used in education, broadcasting, government administration, legislation and judiciary, as well as for daily communication. As a result of its predominance throughout the community, Cantonese is virtually the exclusive language of official discourse at all levels of the executive, legislature and courts of Hong Kong. Mandarin has increased since 97 but still not the official language.


Continuity mistake: Despite the story being set in California, during many driving scenes, "BC Transit" buses can be seen, indicating the shooting location of Vancouver.

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Kai: I was afraid prison would make you soft.
Han Sing: People don't get soft in prison.

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Trivia: The actor who plays Aaliyah's father is in another Jet Li movie, The One, as a detective.

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Question: What is the translation of what Mac says to Han when he thinks his name is Ahkbar?

Answer: Mac says 'Asalamu alaikum Akhbar' This is the Islamic greeting and means 'Peace be with you'. Akhbar is a Muslim Name so Mac would have said this to him.

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