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Continuity mistake: In the drugs factory, when Robocop starts to bang on the door, you can see at least 4 people on the stairs and overhead walkway. After Robocop knocks the door down and looks around, we see this through his view and they have vanished. They reappear when the camera view returns. (01:03:30)

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Suggested correction: If you watch after your screenshot some seconds more you can see a second stair behind the empty one. And there are still people on it.

Continuity mistake: Just after Clarence's car crashes into the water we can see an overhead shot and the water is calm - it should still be rippling. (01:27:25)


Continuity mistake: In the cocaine factory scene when Robocop enters and start shooting all the workers, one of the workers on the cat walk gets shot in the left shoulder, but in the next shot when Robocop is walking underneath, it appears he has been shot in the right shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the tracking device is shown, the dot is red and the building outlines are orange. When Dick Jones is holding it later, the dot is white and the outlines are red. (00:30:20 - 01:08:05)

Continuity mistake: When Clarence is in Bob's house killing him, he sets a grenade on the table. If you watch carefully after Clarence pulls the pin out of the grenade, the timer is actually facing towards Bob as it is set on the table. When Bob crawls over to it the numbers are facing towards the camera, so we can see it counting down. (00:58:33)


Continuity mistake: If you look closely at the computer panel in the OCP boardroom, there is no silver hole for RoboCop's spike, it is all black in colour. Yet there is a hole for his spike when he turns to prove Jones killed Bob. (01:29:56)


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Continuity mistake: When the guy holding the mayor hostage gets thrown out of the window, we see the only two TV cameras near the location follow his fall down to the ground. A few seconds later on the news though, the footage is the same shot we saw in the film, staying focused on the window. (00:39:55)

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Continuity mistake: You have to watch REALLY closely for this one. When Clarence and the gang are in the mill looking for RoboCop, we see RoboCop on the floor above them. He walks to the ledge with the mirror in his hands, but when we see a closeup of him, he has to bend down to pick up the mirror. (01:24:37)


Continuity mistake: In the end scene Robocop shoots Dick Jones out the window while he is standing in front of the television screens, then he spins his gun and puts it into his right leg. The camera view changes to focus on his leg, and you can see he is not standing in front of the screen and a person's legs appear standing behind Robocop, with black corporate pants and leather shoes. In the next shot when it focuses back on Robocop, he is back in front of the television screens again after putting his gun away. Obviously the leg view is from a dummy, because the blood & damage on it was missing in that shot. (01:36:00)


Continuity mistake: The blood Clarence spits on Robocop's visor disappears after he gets thrown through the window. (01:05:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Bob is reaching for the grenade on the table, we can see that there is cocaine all over the table, when the camera view changes to Dick's face on the TV and back again to the table, it's clean. (00:58:48)


Continuity mistake: RoboCop walks past the police department lobby for the first time, following Bob Morton. Robo is walking at a very slow, deliberate pace. The rest of the cops in the department run as fast as they can to the far end of the building to see where they are taking him. Despite running about four times faster than Robocop he has already cleared the end of the hallway and is in the regeneration room before the cops get there. (00:29:50)

Continuity mistake: When RoboCop is in the chair for the first time, he is recording Roosevelt saying ahhh. When RoboCop is ordered to play it back, Roosevelt says ahhhh but the tone is much higher.


Continuity mistake: During the pursuit of the armoured van when the gang open fires on the police car, the amount of damage to the car keeps changing throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: While Clarence is interrogating Murphy, Emil is holding his shotgun by his side. In the next shot, he is holding it across his stomach with both hands. (00:21:25)


Continuity mistake: When ED-209 is firing rockets at Robocop, the launcher pops up, and the first rocket launches. A moment later, the launcher pops up again, but the top tube has a rocket. The second tube launches, the top tube is empty. Obviously a re-use of the original shot.

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Continuity mistake: At the convenience store, Robocop stops the burglar from fleeing by knocking him on the jaw, making him fall backwards. A frame later Robocop's arm is extended and the man is flying forward, falling face first.

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Continuity mistake: When the ED-209 shots and kills the guy in the suit, his body changes angle and position with respect to the robot.


Continuity mistake: Dick Jones brags (admits?) to Robocop, "I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now, it's time to erase that mistake" while Robocop is crouched on the ground, not only looking away from him from across the room, but also Robocop's eyes are in a vertical position. In the playback, Jones is facing the camera as though it were videotaped or filmed in a studio. (01:10:50 - 01:35:10)

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[After ED-209 kills a junior executive.]
Dick Jones: I'm sure this is just a glitch. A temporary setback.
The Old Man: You call this a GLITCH?

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Trivia: Director Paul Verhoven makes a cameo appearance in the film when RoboCop arrests Leon in the disco. After Leon kicks RoboCop in the groin and he falls in agony, we cut to a man laughing madly at the camera and waving his arms. That's Paul. (00:56:00)


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Question: Does anybody know why the name of the ED-209 was changed to ED-260 for the RoboCop cartoon (and, I believe, the toy line)?

Answer: According to Wikipedia the ED-260 is an upgradeable version of the ED-209.

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