Fury (2014)

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film when Wardaddy jumps the German officer riding the horse, he is holding him down with his left hand while stabbing him in the gut with his right hand. When the shot changes at the final thrust, he is holding the knife with both hands as he twists the knife to pull it out of his left eye socket. (00:03:15)

Jim Stone

Other mistake: Just before the final battle, while ammo checks are being done a shot is fired from Norman's machine gun when when the camera is aimed at the road. No sound accompanies the shot and at that stage of the battle they were supposed to be quiet, not taking test shots.

Chux Edward

Continuity mistake: Wardaddy uses a Sturmgewehr 44 throughout the movie. In the first shot where he shoots the teenage German soldier, the Sturmgewehr 44 is missing the front sight hood. The hood appears throughout the movie afterwards. (00:24:05)

Yue Hin Yeung

Factual error: The film shows the American and German tanks firing at each other on the move. Tank warfare doctrine dictated that tanks must be stationary when shooting at a target, to ensure a hit. Some tanks were equipped with stabilizers on their guns to allow firing on the move. All the tanks in "Fury" (German and American) were not so equipped.

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Suggested correction: The Sherman was one of the first widely produced tanks to feature a gyroscopic stabilized gun and sight. The stabilization was only in the vertical plane, as the mechanism could not slew the turret. The stabilizer was sufficient to keep the gun within 1/8th of a degree, or 2 mils while crossing moderately rough terrain at 15 miles an hour. This gave a hit probability of 70% on enemy tanks at ranges of 300 to 1200 yards. Yes they did fire on the move, although very slowly.

Suggested correction: This entry is half right. German tank Doctrine dictated that vehicles come to a halt before firing. US Army manuals from the period state that if you are out ranged you charge while firing on the move. All of the M4 variants in the film have single axis stabilization systems and by the point in the war depicted in the film were trained to use it.

Other mistake: The credits list "Young SS Trouper" instead of "Trooper."


Wardaddy: I had the best bow gunner in the entire Ninth Army in that seat. Now I have you.

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Trivia: The Tiger tank used in the battle with Fury is an actual German Tiger tank that was captured by British forces in North Africa in 1943. Its original turret number is 131, meaning the tank is from the 1st company, 3rd platoon, 1st tank, which was the platoon leader's vehicle.

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