Fury (2014)

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Factual error: During the final battle, Gordo the tank driver calls out, "Panzerfaust, four o'clock!", as he looks through his periscope. He could not have seen any targets at four o'clock, as the driver's periscope could barely rotate towards the eleven and one o'clock positions, close to the left and right front corners of the tank's hull. The four o'clock position would be near the right rear of the tank.


Continuity mistake: In the final battle scene, day turns to night in a moment. (01:43:55)

Factual error: Wardaddy orders Grady to load a smoke shell to blind the Tiger. But Grady takes a shell labelled "HVAP-T M93", which is a high-velocity armor-piecing round from the shelf. When the shell is fired and hit the Tiger, it shows a smoke effect rather than an AP effect. (01:19:20)

Yue Hin Yeung

Factual error: In the hedgerow battle, the Fury tank platoon face off with a German MG 42 machine gun and two 7.5 cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun. Each of these guns opens fire only after the previous one gets knocked out. In a real combat situation, all of the guns would open fire at the same time and establish a cross fire, effectively suppressing the ground troops and tanks from advancing. (00:31:35 - 00:33:30)

Yue Hin Yeung

Continuity mistake: As Sgt. Collier is speaking with Lt. Parker, Collier turns his head to the right in the first shot to face Parker, then turns his face right again to face Parker a second time.


Factual error: In 1945 the Model 24 "potato mashers" thrown inside the tank in the end of the movie could not be blast effect grenades, but fragmentation ones used from 1942. Also the TNT used in them would have exploded at almost the same time and not in two separated booms as heard. And the devastation inside the tank would have been much worse. (01:59:00)

Continuity mistake: Not more than one to two hours after Wardaddy shaves his face clean in the German ladies' apartment, a closeup shot of him in the tank shows beard growth of 2-3 days.


Character mistake: On the way approaching town the camera pans to a woman's hanged body with a sign written in German around her neck. One of the crew asked Wardaddy what it said, to which he answered something like "It reads 'I am a coward who refused to fight for the German people'." That sign actually translates to "I wanted my children not to go fight" or Anglicized for better effect, "I refused to let my children to go to war." Interestingly, once into town, there appears the corpse of a hanged man with a sign written in German that does translate to what Wardaddy said of the first sign.

Continuity mistake: In the final war scene, when they first run out of ammunition, Grady puts a belt into the coaxial .30, and as he is firing you can see the end of the belt, but in the outer scene when the German is hitting war daddy with a shovel, the coaxial is still firing.

Continuity mistake: In the scene just before the Tiger tank fires on the American tanks, there is a shot taken of the four tanks rolling along at a distance where it is quite clear that the two tanks in front have long barrels on their main gun eg: M4 Shermans with 76mm high velocity guns. Then in the next shot that second long barrel tank is gone and now there are 3 short barrel tanks and only Fury with the 76mm gun.

Continuity mistake: Before the last stand Wardaddy takes a bottle and drinks two gulps before passing it to Bible. In his hands the bottle is full again.

Rizzo Gallop

Deliberate mistake: "Fury" director David Ayer acknowledges that he committed a deliberate error by having the German Tiger tank blast the last Sherman in the column, tank doctrine being that the lead vehicle in a column gets blasted, then the last to stall the column, leaving the vehicles in between the dead vehicles easy pickings. Ayer said if the doctrine was followed in the film, Brad Pitt's tank would have been destroyed first and thus the film would end, roll credits.


Continuity mistake: When Parker is engulfed in flames, he pulls out his handgun and shoots through the helmet in his right temple. In the next shot, there is neither a bullet hole nor blood stain on his helmet. (00:24:25)

Yue Hin Yeung

Factual error: When Fury enters a village and faces a field gun attack, Sgt. Collier orders through the tank radio "Throw some Willie Pete in that ground floor." While white phosphorus has been used for a century, Willie Pete as a slang term for it only dates from the Vietnam War. (00:48:05)

Yue Hin Yeung

Factual error: In the final battle at the crossroads, Fury uses white phosphorus to burn the house. Phosphorus rounds were only supplied for the short barrel 75mm, not the high velocity 76mm, because they held too little phosphorus to be effective.


Continuity mistake: As Sgt. Collier shaves, Irma is pouring coffee in the kitchen by the sink, facing Collier. The next shot she is standing in front of the stove.


Factual error: One scene has Sgt. Collier having a conversation with Norman as they are riding on the turret of "Fury" without their tank intercom throat mikes and headphones. The noise of the moving tank alone would cause any conversation to be a shouting match between the two soldiers. Further, they are in column with three other noisy tanks, which would make a casual conversation even more difficult without utilizing their tank intercom system.


Continuity mistake: Wardaddy raises his cigarette lighter to his cigarette twice while he speaks to Norman after the town has been taken.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film when Wardaddy jumps the German officer riding the horse, he is holding him down with his left hand while stabbing him in the gut with his right hand. When the shot changes at the final thrust, he is holding the knife with both hands as he twists the knife to pull it out of his left eye socket. (00:03:15)

Jim Stone

Other mistake: Just before the final battle, while ammo checks are being done a shot is fired from Norman's machine gun when when the camera is aimed at the road. No sound accompanies the shot and at that stage of the battle they were supposed to be quiet, not taking test shots.

Chux Edward

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