Back to the Future Part II

Corrected entry: Marty finds himself in Biff's extension of the clock tower in 1985. Marty is waken up by Lorraine. She has shoes on her feet. When she is hit by Biff and she falls on the ground, she has no shoes on. (00:46:00)

Correction: It's hard to see, but if you look frame by frame, you can see that she falls out of her shoes when she falls down.


Corrected entry: The money ratio in 2015 seems incorrect. When Doc sends Marty into Cafe 80's he hands him a $50 for a Pepsi. In another scene when Marty is walking outside, Old Terry asks Marty for $100 to save the clock tower. Usually a soft drink would cost more than what a man waving a can would ask for. Then when old Biff gets out of the taxi, his total comes to $174.50. According to the price of a Pepsi, doesn't this taxi ride seem cheap?

Correction: Two things: the Pepsi/donation ratio isn't that odd; if you paid a dollar for a Pepsi, giving a couple of bucks to help a local landmark is pretty normal. The taxi fare only seems 'incorrect' compared to what we're used to now. Cab rides are expensive due to wages, gas prices, vehicle upkeep, and other expenses; perhaps they've found a way to keep those costs down.


Corrected entry: In the DVD version, if you watch the deleted scenes, it shows old Biff Tannen returning to the future after giving himself the almanac and then being erased from history, probably because Lorraine shot and killed him in 1995. Here is the hugest paradox ever. If Lorraine shot and killed Biff in 1995, then how could Biff grow up to be old Biff and steal the Delorean and give his younger self the almanac in the first place? Also, immediately after old Biff gave his 1955 self the almanac, shouldn't old Biff have immediately been erased from existence while still in the year 1955?

Correction: It has been firmly established in the BTTF world that, acording to the temporal laws that the film makers have adopted, it takes time for the effect of an action in the past to affect changes in the lives of the ones changing history. That is why Marty didn't disappear the very moment that he stopped his parents from meeting. Theoretically, that is the way that time itself prevents true paradoxes from forming and causing a complete unraveling of spacetime itself by allowing the possibility of correcting the problem.

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Corrected entry: In the tunnel chase scene where Marty is on the hoverboard and Biff is in his car, after Marty gets the almanac, Biff drives to the end of the tunnel and spins his car around. The next shot is a close up of the front of Biff's car and you can clearly see his license plate. The year is supposed to be 1955, but his tags expired in 1951. (01:33:24)

Correction: Doc states that Biff's car is a '46. Lots of people drive around with expired tags - this just shows how irresponsible Biff is.


Corrected entry: When Marty is in the alternate 1985, Biff shows him the book, and the cover is on it. When they go back to 1955, we see that it was taken by Strickland with the "Oh La La" book.

Correction: This is before Marty went back in time time to yet again change the history.

Corrected entry: In this film, when Doc sees his younger self, he says there will be "plenty of rain all right". However, there isn't - but he should know that, as he has already done the clock tower in Back to the Future 1.

Correction: There is plenty of rain. The rain part of a storm is smaller and slower than the overall low-pressure parts (like thunder and lightning); it starts closer to the high school (as seen Pt. 2), moves towards the courthouse, and eventually hits Doc's house (as seen in Pt. 3)


Corrected entry: When Marty receives the letter from Doc in 1885, it is raining. But in the 1st and 3rd movie, there is no rain. (01:34:00)

Correction: When Marty receives the letter, he is outside of town (after just watching Doc jump to the past when the car was hit by lightning). There may have been no rain in the center of town, but a few miles outside of town might have been raining.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When the Doc is chatting to Marty and Jennifer as they fly towards Hill Valley he has a small microphone headpiece on his left ear, but when they land and he opens the door it has disappeared. (00:05:30)

Correction: The last time you see this earpiece is just before the Delorean descends into Hill Valley. Since you dont see Doc again until after the car has landed, there is plenty of time for him to remove it.

Corrected entry: When Doc, Marty and Jennifer go into the future, they disappear above the Mcfly home, but when they arrive in 2015, they are outside Hill Valley (although after they disappear into the future there is a long 'journey' when the credits are showing, with enough time for them to get out of Hill Valley, but after the 'journey' the car makes the swooshing noises it does when it arrives somewhere, so this was just for the credits).

Correction: Actually, Lyon Estates (where Marty lives) is 2 miles outside of Hill Valley. In the first movie, after Marty has arrived in 1955 and hides the DeLorean behind the Lyon Estates sign, he then walks down a deserted road and passes a sign which says "Hill Valley-2 Miles." So Part II is right on the money.

Corrected entry: When Biff is at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance he tells principle Strickland that he is not old enough to drink alcohol. At Biff's hotel the movie that plays says that he won at the track on his 21st birthday in 1958. When Doc stole the newspapers from the library there was an article about Biff's winnings dated in March of 1958. If Biff was 21 in March of 1958, then he was 18 in November of 1955, and since the legal drinking age was 18 in 1955 he was, in fact, old enough to drink alcohol.

Correction: States only began to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 in the late '60s and early '70s because of arguments generated by the Vietnam War about being "old enough to die for your country but not old enough to drink."

Corrected entry: When Marty throws the matchbook holder at Biff he throws it upright but when it sticks into Biff's chair it's now upside down.


Correction: This might be viewable only on the DVD, but when Marty throws the matchbox holder, and if you pause it just before it would have hit the camera, you can see it start to flip over.

Corrected entry: When Marty goes to burn the Almanac near the end of he movie, he drops the hoverboard on the ground and it noticeably wobbles very fast when it lands. A hoverboard wouldn't do that, as it would just float normally if it was dropped.


Correction: We don't know how to turn the hoverboard on or off, and during the movies, it goes on and off several times, for instance when it is in the back seat of the DeLorean it is off, but when Marty pulls it out, it turns on. It may have been off in this scene.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: When Marty and Jennifer go into the future and see themselves. Wouldn't the "future" versions remember going to the future 30 years ago and be looking for themselves to appear?

Correction: They both fainted after they saw each other, so that after they awoke, they would think it was all a dream.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, as the DeLorean gets struck by lightning, Doc goes back to 1885. We then hear Marty reading from the letter that the lightning strike damaged the flying circuits on the car. So how did he land it in 1885 from the 40 feet altitude he was at when struck by the lightning, if the car couldn't fly in order to land safely? (01:39:51)

Correction: Who said that the car would drop like a rock. Don't you think a flying car from the future in a world where there millions of flying cars would have a safety feature that would protect it from that kind of a thing. Maybe it "sputtered" to the ground, or has a one shot back-up hover device that works more like the hover board so cars aren't dropping from the sky if they malfunction.

Corrected entry: In the garage when old Biff looks up the 1955 UCLA results in the sports almanac, he turns to a page which is in the middle of the book. Supposing it's in chronological order, where are the other 45 years supposed to fit?

Correction: It would be catagorized by sport before using chronology to sort the events. The UCLA game would be under Football, College.

Corrected entry: When Marty from Back to the Future I leaves George and Lorraine out the back door of the gym he opens the door so hard that he hits Marty of BTTF II and knocks him down. Watch Back to the Future I and see how far Marty actually opens the door. He barely opens it enough for himself to fit through. In other words, he would have never been able to knock himself out.

Correction: After Marty sees Biff's friends knocked out, he decides he should hurry up and leave. thus, opening the door farther and knocking him out.

Corrected entry: Griff and his gang crash into the courthouse on their hoverboards, yet a minute later, the little girl has the same hoverboard Griff was riding. Even if Griff flew off the board, it would still land on the other side of the water or in the water. The little girl is on the opposite side.

Correction: You see Marty coming up the stairs from the other side of the lake, so if he had the time, you can only assume that she had time also.

Corrected entry: When the Doc gets hit by lightning and goes back in time, he's not going 88mph, which Marty had to do in the first movie.

Correction: According the director's commentary, when the DeLorean was hit by the lighting, it got sent into a tight, fast spin which brought the speed up to 88 mph. This is also the reason why the fire trails look like backward 9's; the car is spinning, so the fire trails can't be straight.

Corrected entry: When Marty is at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at the end of the movie, he's trying to get the sports almanac from Biff. But then Mr. Striklin takes the Magazine from him and goes to his office, and throws it in the garbage. Marty then immediately gets it out, only to realise that it is just the almanac cover, with an Oh La La magazine inside. Therefore the coverless almanac is still in Biff's hands, so Marty crumples the cover, throws it on the ground, and runs after Biff. Then, When he is chasing after Biff again to get the REAL magazine, the cover is once again on the magazine, in Biff's hands. (01:20:48)

Correction: That was just the dust cover - the proper cover of the almanac would be exactly the same.

Corrected entry: At the end of BTTF, we learn that Doc is alive because he did indeed find Marty's letter. And we know that he had to tape it together because he ripped it to pieces. Now at the the end of part 2 upon seeing Marty reappear after he has sent him back to the future he faints. Now wouldn't this alter the timeline because he never goes through the trash to get the letter therefore he won't be prepared in the future with his bullet proof vest? (01:41:47)

Correction: In BTTF original, after tearing the letter up, the cable comes undone and he puts the torn up pieces into his overcoat pocket.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 for the first time, they are descending towards Hill Valley. Doc turns the steering wheel to the left but the car goes right and down. (00:05:53)

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Marty: You're not going to believe this. We have to go back to 1955.
Doc: I don't believe it!

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Trivia: When Doc and Marty arrive back in 1955 to stop the handover of the Almanac, there are 4 versions of the time machine in the area at that time - the one they just arrived in from the alternate 1985, the one Marty arrived in from the original 1985 in the first film, the one Biff arrived in from 2015 in the second film, and the one Doc buried in 1885 in the third film.

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Question: What song does Marty play on his guitar in 2015 after he gets fired?

Answer: He is attempting to play the song "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News. He was first seen playing it very well in the first Back To The Future movie when he was trying out for the school dance. Jennifer recognizes the song and is shocked that Marty who was so good at guitar was suddenly able to hardly play it.

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