Back to the Future Part II

Corrected entry: When the DeLorean travels forward through time at the beginning of the first movie, it gets covered in ice. During all other subsequent time travel, this does not happen.

Brian C Friesner

Correction: It does happen again, it's just harder to notice. For all we know it only affects the car on very short time travel trips, with the car being warmer the further back or forward it goes.


Corrected entry: When the DeLorean crashes into the dustbin we get a shot of Marty going to see Dr. Brown get out. The DeLorean seems to have moved a bit backwards down the drive when Dr.Brown gets out.

Correction: The DeLorean had a standard transmission (we see Marty hit the clutch several times in Part 1), so it's likely that the hover-converted model did too, and as such, rolled down the inclined driveway before Doc had a chance to get out.


Corrected entry: When Marty and the Doc are chatting in 1985A, they say they cannot go back to 2015 because it will be the alternate 2015. If that's true, how did old Biff take the time machine back to the Doc and Marty in 2015 after giving himself the almanac?

Correction: This happened for the same reason that the picture in part I takes more than a week to fade away. The changes in the timeline don't happen all at once (otherwise Marty would have ceased to exist the moment he pushed George out of the way in part I). Biff returned to 2015 before the new timeline existed. But by the time Marty and Doc got to 1985A, the changes Biff made in the 1950s already took effect.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In most movies streets are wet at night time (because they look better, photograph better), but the road surfaces are wet inside Biff's grandmother's garage, and inside the tunnel before the storm. (01:11:41)

Correction: It is logical for it to be wet inside a garage and inside a tunnel. In both of these places, water can condense very easily.

Corrected entry: Marty and Doc need to go to Biff's casino hotel to find out the exact date of when old Biff gave the almanac to young Biff. However, the time circuits tell where they most recently were in time. So after old Biff came back to 2015 after stealing the time machine, they should have noticed that he had gone to 1955 to give the almanac away.

Correction: It seems the time circuits only log the last time jump. However, Doc and Marty didn't notice the time had changed until they had gone to 1985. This would have knocked 1955 from the time circuits display. In terms of why either of them didn't see it in 2015, they were probably too worried about getting Jennifer back to the right time. In addition, it was shown that the time circuit numbers were messing up. Doc could've thought it was just acting up.

Corrected entry: When Lorraine and Biff are arguing in the 'bad 1985', she starts walking and takes off a shoe. When he throws her to the ground, she's got both shoes on again.

Correction: Lorraine doesn't actually take her shoe off. If you watch carefully when she's walking she looses her footing slightly coursing her shoe to slip. She then reaches down and straightens it but doesn't take it off.

Corrected entry: The crashed Parkers' car is not the same car they had in first movie, when Jenn's dad came to take her - it has round lights, the previous one had rectangular.

Correction: Marty is no longer in his "first" timeline because he altered the past, so any changes between the "first" present and the "new" present should be allowed.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty arrive in the alternate 1985, they drop off Jennifer and Marty goes to his house as if nothing is different (sans the bars Marty notices on her windows). But after Marty finds out it isn't his house, the streets are filled with destroyed cars, chalk outlines, gunshots are heard everywhere, and houses are on fire. Did they miss all this during the drive in? (00:38:52)

Correction: There's not much mess in Lyon Estates (the neighborhood Marty's family lives in). It is the road between Lyon Estates and Hill Valley (2 miles long) that is full of crashed cars and everything else.

Corrected entry: As Marty and Doc fly away from Biffs hotel, Doc enters the Nov.12.1955 date then seconds later is shown to be switching on the circuits. Doc even says "Time circuits on" as he does this. The problem is that the circuits have to be already on in order to enter the destination date (as shown in BTTF 1).

Correction: Just because you always see the time circuits on when the date is being entered doesn't necessarily mean the date cannot be entered with the circuits off.

Corrected entry: Marty says to Doc after the famous courthouse crash, "Look at the newspaper, it's changing." Actually, it starts changing several seconds after Doc looks at it.

Correction: Marty says "Doc, the newspaper's changed." He's referring to the one in his hand, which has already changed. He does not tell Doc to look at the newspaper in the DeLorean. Doc's paper takes longer to change because not all changes happen at the same time.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Griff starts a fight with Marty in the future in the 80s cafe, he pulls out some kind of expandable baseball bat. We see that the bat is solid, yet when Griff winds up to whack Marty, the bat noticeably bends backward with the windup. An obvious rubber prop.

Correction: The bat is not solid. It is hollow and telescopes like an antenna on a car. Ever notice your antenna on your car on the highway? It bends from the wind just like his bat bends from the force of swinging it.

Corrected entry: The old Biff gets the Almanac in 2015, steals the DeLorean, heads to 1955, gives the almanac to his younger self, and then heads back into the future, right? According to the Back To The Future way of explaining how time works and how events change the future, shouldn't he have gone back to the ALTERNATE future, instead of the future he left?

Correction: According to the BTTF films, it takes time for the effect of the time travellers actions to affect the traveller themselves. Therefore old Biff should still be able to travel back to the original future. A deleted scene from BTTF II shows old biff fading into thin air. This was to show that his actions in the past had taken effect. This presumably would've happened to Marty in the first film if he hadn't got his parents back together.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc is hovering the Delorean behind Biff's car, as Marty puts his feet on the hoverboard, the camera overtakes the Delorean, the driver of which is not Doc. Whoever it is simply puts his hand up towards the camera, to cover his face (but just slightly too late). (01:26:45)

Correction: I looked carefully at his face. He looked like Christopher Lloyd to me.

Corrected entry: When the Doc, Marty and Jennifer are in the alleyway, when they have just arrived in the future, they are about to leave the unconscious Jenifer at the side of the alley. A red futuristic car drives past the end of the alley a number of times. It is the same car.

Correction: There are at least two different cars passing by - the rear of the cars have noticeable differences.

Corrected entry: In the original BTTF, the band leader's hand is injured when he calls his cousin, but right after Marty climbs up the ladder, you can see that both of his hands are fine.

Correction: The band leader's hand still has a bandage on it. If you zoom in on his right hand you can see it.

Corrected entry: Marty throws his hat on the videogame in the Cafe '80's. When the Young Marty arrives, Marty hides himself without taking his hat, and it's no longer on the video game. (00:16:00)

Correction: There's one shot where the hat, on the left side of the video game, is out of frame. The rest of the time when the video game is shown, the hat is just where it should be.


Corrected entry: Marty finds himself in Biff's extension of the clock tower in 1985. Marty is waken up by Lorraine. She has shoes on her feet. When she is hit by Biff and she falls on the ground, she has no shoes on. (00:46:00)

Correction: It's hard to see, but if you look frame by frame, you can see that she falls out of her shoes when she falls down.


Corrected entry: The money ratio in 2015 seems incorrect. When Doc sends Marty into Cafe 80's he hands him a $50 for a Pepsi. In another scene when Marty is walking outside, Old Terry asks Marty for $100 to save the clock tower. Usually a soft drink would cost more than what a man waving a can would ask for. Then when old Biff gets out of the taxi, his total comes to $174.50. According to the price of a Pepsi, doesn't this taxi ride seem cheap?

Correction: Two things: the Pepsi/donation ratio isn't that odd; if you paid a dollar for a Pepsi, giving a couple of bucks to help a local landmark is pretty normal. The taxi fare only seems 'incorrect' compared to what we're used to now. Cab rides are expensive due to wages, gas prices, vehicle upkeep, and other expenses; perhaps they've found a way to keep those costs down.


Corrected entry: In the DVD version, if you watch the deleted scenes, it shows old Biff Tannen returning to the future after giving himself the almanac and then being erased from history, probably because Lorraine shot and killed him in 1995. Here is the hugest paradox ever. If Lorraine shot and killed Biff in 1995, then how could Biff grow up to be old Biff and steal the Delorean and give his younger self the almanac in the first place? Also, immediately after old Biff gave his 1955 self the almanac, shouldn't old Biff have immediately been erased from existence while still in the year 1955?

Correction: It has been firmly established in the BTTF world that, acording to the temporal laws that the film makers have adopted, it takes time for the effect of an action in the past to affect changes in the lives of the ones changing history. That is why Marty didn't disappear the very moment that he stopped his parents from meeting. Theoretically, that is the way that time itself prevents true paradoxes from forming and causing a complete unraveling of spacetime itself by allowing the possibility of correcting the problem.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the tunnel chase scene where Marty is on the hoverboard and Biff is in his car, after Marty gets the almanac, Biff drives to the end of the tunnel and spins his car around. The next shot is a close up of the front of Biff's car and you can clearly see his license plate. The year is supposed to be 1955, but his tags expired in 1951. (01:33:24)

Correction: Doc states that Biff's car is a '46. Lots of people drive around with expired tags - this just shows how irresponsible Biff is.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 for the first time, they are descending towards Hill Valley. Doc turns the steering wheel to the left but the car goes right and down. (00:05:53)

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Marty: You're not going to believe this. We have to go back to 1955.
Doc: I don't believe it!

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Trivia: The reason that Marty McFly Jr. was arrested was because of stealing an unsubstantiated amount of money from the Hill Valley Payroll Substation.

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Question: Doc Brown strongly believes that nobody should ever find out about their own future. With such a strong conviction, why would Doc tell Marty that his children going to prison is the one event that would ruin the whole McFly family?

Answer: At the end of the first film, Doc says, "what the hell" in response to the letter Marty gave him. So this shows it is not that strong a conviction, especially in the face of definite knowledge about something bad happening. It is also a way for Doc to repay Marty.


Answer: Doc advises Marty to not tell him about his future because it may affect his life. It doesn't matter what happens to his kids at all.

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