Back to the Future Part II

Corrected entry: During the scene where Marty has to duck and move past the car with his other self and Lorraine inside the car, he hears his other self ask Lorraine if she smoked too, in which she replied, "You're beginning to sound just like my mother." Then Marty hears his other self say, "Yeah right.". Problem is, in the first Back To The Future, after Lorraine said that, Marty never said "Yeah right."

Correction: We don't know that. In the first movie, after Lorraine says her line, Marty gives her a quick look and it cuts to another scene. He may very well have said "Yeah right" after the cut.

That then creates another problem. You've just mentioned that BTTF1 had Marty give Lorraine a strange look, but in this movie, he is staring out of the window.

Corrected entry: When Doc runs to the end of the alley and takes out his hi-tech binoculars you can't see Marty by the De Lorean down the alley.

Correction: This is because Marty is bending down into the car, out of view.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are in Doc's house in the alternate 1985, Doc sets up Einstein's doggie bed and the dog jumps in. From one angle he starts to turn around to his right, but in the reverse shot he turns to his left.


Correction: Have a look next time you see a dog doing this - the circle rapidly one way, then reverse, then reverse again, and finally settle down. That's exactly what Einstein is doing.

Corrected entry: Every time the same actor is playing two people (eg old Biff and young Biff), the line from the splitscreen is covered by something (the framing on the car, a pole).

Correction: This isn't trivia, it's just vague guesswork - when Marty picks up his 'son' behind the bar of the diner, or when old Marty and his two kids have pizza there is nothing to 'hide' the split, it just goes through the frame somewhere between them.


Corrected entry: In one scene, Doc Brown says that the year 1955 might be the junction point for the entire space/time continuum. 1955 WAS a big year for space travel, as it was the year that President Eisenhower entered America into a competition to send up a sattelite by 1957.(Our sattelite was called Project Vanguard; Russia won with Sputnik). Thus the space race actually started in 1955.

Correction: Interesting, but not really related to this movie, or even time-travel in general.

Corrected entry: Doc and Marty learn the date when Biff was given the Almanac. It turns out that this is also the date of the events in the first film. Doc then surmises that they will not only have to avoid detection by Old Biff but also by their 'other' selves. All that considered, does it not seem a little reckless to return to that date? They have a Time Machine, and the book is useless to Biff until he turns 21 which would be 1958 at the latest. That's a whole three years and Doc could have chosen from any day he wanted to retrieve the book but he picks the day where they run the greatest risk of screwing up time even more. Given that he's always lecturing on the consequences of messing with time, and that their entire future depends on him succeeding, it seems a little out of character for Doc to not even consider the possibility that they go back to a different day.

Correction: It's a calculated risk on Doc's part. On that day, they know where Biff is, they know that the almanac will be out in the open and far easier to get. If they leave it until later, Biff will have had a chance to hide the book away somewhere, making it potentially impossible to locate. And while Biff might not yet be twenty-one, it wouldn't preclude him doing an illicit deal with somebody over that age to place bets on his behalf, thus altering the future. If they go back to the day when he gets the book, it avoids any possibility of Biff altering the timeline. It does open up the possibility of them causing problems, but given that they're both aware of the situation, plus know precisely where their prior selves will be on that night, the risk is relatively minor compared to allowing Biff to hold onto the book for any extended period of time. As for considering this, Doc undoubtedly did, but showing a long-winded justification on-screen would have been somewhat dull and would simply have broken up the flow of the film.

Tailkinker Premium member

Doc also wouldn't want to risk Biff writing down any of the information or memorizing certain results to be written down later, etc. So running into themselves is a smaller risk than Biff making himself rich.

Corrected entry: After Marty burns the almanac in 1955, he looks at the newspaper that he has with him and sees that it is changing. One of the stories that changes is "Nixon to Seek Fifth Term; Vows End to Vietnam War by 1985" to "Reagan to Seek Second Term; No Republican Challengers Expected." Reagan wasn't looking for a second term in 1985 because he won it in 1984.

Correction: The paper is not from 1985, he just got it in 1985.

Corrected entry: As Marty sees his other self talking to his parents, Biff appears and challenges Marty to a fight. When Marty walks away Biff calls him a chicken. Marty walks up to Biff and when he says "Nobody calls me chicken" he gets hit by the door and even though you hear the word chicken, Marty's mouth doesn't move when he says it.

Correction: Marty's mouth moves when he says the first part of the word, then he is getting hit by the door as he continues talking, so that's why his mouth can't be seen moving for the rest of it.

Corrected entry: When Marty is back in 1955, he goes to Strickland's office to get the almanac back. He looks through the window, and sees Strickland sitting in his chair with the almanac. He is looking through some sort of mesh on the window. When he goes into the office, the mesh is gone.

Correction: The wire in the glass is always there. It can be seen by looking closely. It's just not as obvious in shots where the window is in the background because the wire is thin and the silver color of it tends to make it blend in with the glass at a distance.

Corrected entry: When Marty does the "switcheroo" in the hotel stairwell to avoid rich Biff's thugs, a crew member's shadow is easily visible at the spot Marty jumps to. This can be seen right before the camera pans upwards to reveal Marty a few flights up running towards the roof.

Correction: I've watched this over and over again in slow-motion. The extra shadow also belongs to Marty. Marty has more than one shadow due to the lights from the stairwell shone all around him. The way this extra shadow moves matches Marty's movements perfectly.

Corrected entry: When old Jennifer and young Jennifer see each other in 2015, they faint. (Earlier on Doc mentioned that if they saw each other, either the space time continuum would stop, or something like that or they would merely faint.) This being so, then how come when old Biff and young Biff see each other in 1955, neither of them faint.

Correction: The 2015 Biff knows he is going back to meet his old self, obviously, because he is doing it, and 1955 Biff doesn't recognise 2015 Biff as a version of himself - he refers to his old self as 'that crazy old codger with a cane.'

Corrected entry: When Marty is watching his other self talking to his parents, Biff's shadow can be seen on the wall. He is waiting for his cue.

Correction: The only time Biff's shadow is visible is a split second before he comes on camera. This is quite natural, as he is walking up to Marty at the time. It might ruin the surprise a little, but there is no reason why his shadow should not be there.


Corrected entry: When Lorraine is telling Marty, "That was very interesting .... music.", watch her lips. Her mouth and the words don't match.

Correction: I just watched that shot repeatedly, and saw nothing wrong with her mouth movements. They matched the words just fine.


Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are on their way to get the Jennifer of 1985 Doc says "Damn this traffic. Jennifer, that is the old Jennifer, usually gets home around this time." However Marty of 2015, when his mother asks where Jennifer is, says he doesn't know and that she should have been home hours ago. I don't think it took Doc and Marty hours to get to the house so Doc was way off with his calculation.

Correction: The time a person "usually" gets home is not the same as the time a person gets home on a particular day. The family expected her home hours earlier THAT DAY. That doesn't mean they expected her home hours earlier EVERY day.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: Marty of 2015 is in the kitchen with his mother and two kids. We hear a phone ringing. Marty takes the call in the den and gives a verbal command "hello, in here please" as the words "incoming call" are flashing. After Needles hangs up we see and hear "thank you for using AT&T". Right after that, without any phone ringing, incoming call flashing, or Marty giving a verbal command to accept the call, his boss just pops up on the screen. Since the screen is two-way this would be an incredible invasion of privacy. The phone needed to ring and Marty needed to give a verbal authorization in order for his boss to be received.

Correction: Given that this is a fictional movie set in the future, there is no way to be sure how their video phone system works. Perhaps Marty's boss has some type of override to where he can talk to his employees directly in just this sort of situation. After all, if you just did something where you know you could get fired from your job, would you want to talk to you boss? Probably not.

Corrected entry: In 1955, Biff is told by Terry (the mechanic) that the bill for fixing his car after the manure accident was $302. Even deducting the $80 charged by Old Man Jones for hauling the manure away, that would be $222 just for a little bodywork and an inside valet. That's pretty expensive for today, let alone for 1955. I doubt that buying the car itself would have cost Biff much more than $300, especially since it's a 1940s model - so he can't have got it new. (Or perhaps he inherited it, along with the money he had: he lived with his grandma, so his parents were presumably dead). Since the same dirty accident befell him again later that very day, did he then try to minimize the bill by cleaning the car out himself? Perhaps that's how he got started on valeting cars for a living.

Correction: With labor fees going through the roof nowadays, even little dings and dents from very minor traffic accidents can cost sometimes even in the thousands to have repaired. Considering Biff obviously sustained some minor car damage from first striking the manure truck, not to mention the labor and such to remove all the manure itself, $300 seems fairly appropriate for what something like that would have cost in 1955.

Corrected entry: Why is it that when in the first film when Doc grabs the door handle of the time machine when it comes back to normal time with Einstein in it and gets hurt by the extreme cold, but when he grabs the hood of the DeLorean in the second film to give Marty the walkie-talkie, he doesn't have a reaction at all?

Correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. And to answer, the DeLorean has been to the future at this point, where it could have gotten any number of modifications we don't know about (we see the hover conversion and Mr. Fusion, but who's to say he didn't do something about the freezing? Maybe some kind of instant heater if the car drops below a certain temperature?).

Nick N.

Corrected entry: Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015. Shortly after landing the Delorean in an alley, if you look at the wall that leads out of it, you will see spray-painted on a wall the words "Class of '16".

Correction: It is quite common to refer to your future senior year of graduation, even while you're a freshman - so a freshman in September of '80 is part of the Class of '84, and that is what he/she will think of for the next four years.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer "back to the future", we see the DeLorean float up and make the usual sparks and fire trails in the air as it makes the time jump. The fire trails are below the car as if the tires were also in their original positions. They aren't - they are tucked up horizontally.

Correction: As seen in various shots throughout the trilogy, most notably the first time the Delorean jumps through time in the first movie, the fire isn't coming from the wheels, but some sort of vent located just behind the rear wheels. Even though the wheels have moved for the car's flight mode, those vents may have stayed in their previous position, leaving the trails beneath the car as it is in the film.

Corrected entry: When Marty and the Doc arrive in 2015, it is 4:29AM. However, when they arrive in Hill Valley, the sun comes out from behind a cloud, high in the sky.

Correction: Actually, Doc says it's 4:29 PM, not AM.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 for the first time, they are descending towards Hill Valley. Doc turns the steering wheel to the left but the car goes right and down. (00:05:53)

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Biff: Look, Lorraine, you walk out that door and I won't only cut off you, I'll cut off your kids.
Lorraine: You wouldn't!?
Biff: Oh, wouldn't I? First your daughter, Linda. I'll cancel all her credit cards. She can settle her debts with the bank all by herself. Your idiot son, Dave. I'll get his probation revoked. And as for Marty. Well, maybe you liked to have all three of your kids behind bars just like your brother Joey. One big happy jailbird family.

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Trivia: When Doc and Marty arrive back in 1955 to stop the handover of the Almanac, there are 4 versions of the time machine in the area at that time - the one they just arrived in from the alternate 1985, the one Marty arrived in from the original 1985 in the first film, the one Biff arrived in from 2015 in the second film, and the one Doc buried in 1885 in the third film.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Answer: Yep, and there is, but they're both elsewhere. Doc's been committed to an asylum somewhere. When Marty first meets the alternate Biff, Biff tells him that he's supposed to be in Switzerland at boarding school - that's where the alternate Marty is.

Tailkinker Premium member

Wouldn't someone probably see Doc and report that he escaped from the asylum?

Maybe, but no way to be sure, and they're not around long enough for that to be an issue anyway.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Doc would most likely not have been seen by anyone, as the time he spent in the alternate 1985 was primarily inside the DeLorean, at a boarded-up library, graveyard, and his lab (and all at night too) so most likely not spotted by the public.

Even if someone had seen Doc, it could've been dismissed as someone who looks like him. Even if they did report his escape, someone would either call or go to the asylum and verify Doc was still there.

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