Repo Man

Visible crew/equipment: Just before Otto and Bud enter the liquor store, when the gang (Archie, Duke and Debbi) are leaving having robbed the place, a boom microphone can be seen reflected in the store window's glass near the top (right side of screen). Additionally, when Otto and Bud enter the store, Bud says "awful quiet in here" and the boom mic can be seen again much more clearly in the glass window next to Bud's head. (00:23:45)

Visible crew/equipment: There is a scene in this movie where Emilio Estevez and his partner are sitting in a car outside a shop. The camera tracks in on them. The problem is the crew havent bothered to hide the camera track running from the bottom of the frame up under the car. There is a badly placed black mat that covers a bit of it but this just draws your attention to it.

Visible crew/equipment: When Otto and Lite steal the red sports car at least three baseball cap wearing crew members can be seen reflected in the car's window as Otto winds the window down. (00:31:23)

Jack Vaughan

Visible crew/equipment: When Otto storms out of Bud's car after an argument, we see him walking aimlessly down a straight road. Just before he approaches a red "STOP" sign you can see the boom microphone reflected in the window next to him. (01:05:40)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, the motorcycle patrolman asks the driver for the keys to check the trunk. We see him get vaporized and the keys dangling from the trunk, then without getting out of the car, the driver drives away with the keys no longer dangling.

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J. Frank Parnell: You don't even know what's in your own trunk! And you know what? I think you're afraid to find out.

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Trivia: The tan warehouse, with the green doors and windows, directly in front of the car is the same building used as Paddy's Pub in 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'. It's the Starkman Building located at 544 San Mateo Street in Los Angeles. The door used as Paddy's main entrance is located around the corner on Palmetto Street. (01:09:20)

Thomas Thompson

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Suggested correction: This isn't really trivia for this film as It's Always Sunny came after. Not to mention the building has been featured in numerous film and TV series, so it would be like listing a prolific actor's one other movie without making any connection between the film other than the actor (or in this case the filming location).


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