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Corrected entry: The drainpipe running down the building where the Thorvalds live, the one between the living room windows and the bedroom windows of the block, becomes at least 1 foot (10cms) wide at least three times through the film, and changes to a gingery colour, almost as if it has become a plank of wood standing against the wall. It also has a pipe or something running into it in a couple of shots, just above the Thorvalds' bedroom window, but as this would be the "dog" couple's bedroom, there shouldn't be a pipe coming down from there. At other times the drainpipe just looks like an ordinary drain pipe. Even though we are not meant to be looking at anything but the activities through the windows, the drainpipe is very evident in many shots as the action frequently moves over it into the adjacent rooms. (Visible in the remastered video version and others.)

Correction: The 'gingery wood' against the wall is actually the window frame from inside Jeffries window you see, it is open and the position of thew frame looks like it's against the wall on the other building opposite.

Alex Mortimer

Corrected entry: Jimmy Stewart has a broken leg in the movie. However, the cast shifts from one leg to another.

Correction: No he doesn't - he does break his other leg (after Thorwald pushes him out the window) towards the end though....

Continuity mistake: James Stewart uses a camera flashgun to defend himself by repeatedly temporarily blinding Thorvald in the closing scene. The number of flashbulbs in the cardboard box drops by two between cuts as Stewart wheels himself back away from Thorwald.

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Stella: When I married Miles, we were both a couple of maladjusted misfits. We are still maladjusted misfits, and we have loved every minute of it.

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Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock chose Raymond Burr to portray the villainous Lars Thorwald due to his resemblance of David O. Selznick, a producer Hitchcock hated.

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Chosen answer: I think her head was in the hat box after he dug it up from the garden where the dog was digging under the marigolds.

You are correct that it was her head.

raywest Premium member

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