Rear Window

The neighbour (Thorwald) did kill his wife. Thorwald catches on to Jimmy Stewart and then hunts him down in his apartment. Being in a wheel chair he's practically defenseless. Thorwald manages to throw him out the window but then gets arrested. Stewart re-breaks both his legs and continues to see Lisa (Grace Kelly). (Lisa is not wearing a wedding ring in the last shot).


Continuity mistake: When Miss Lonelyheart brings home a younger man, she slaps him on the left side of his face, but when he leaves and stands outside her door, he rubs the right side as if it hurts.

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Lisa: According to you, people should be born, live, and die in the same place.

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Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock chose Raymond Burr to portray the villainous Lars Thorwald due to his resemblance of David O. Selznick, a producer Hitchcock hated.

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Chosen answer: I think her head was in the hat box after he dug it up from the garden where the dog was digging under the marigolds.

You are correct that it was her head.

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