The Wolf of Wall Street

Question: Between the scenes where Jordan and his dad are talking in the office and when it cuts to the party where he meets Naomi for the first time, there is a a quick 3-4 second shot of a random guy that never pops up again in the movie. Who is he and what does he have to do with anything?

Question: How did the FBI find the note Jordan gave Donnie when he was wearing a wire?


Chosen answer: As seen from Donne's reaction when the FBI storm the building shortly after, It should be assumed that Donnie told the FBI himself, and kept the note as evidence. One of the reasons for this could be that Donnie must have felt betrayed or something similar.


Question: When Jordan is at the club and the lemons kick in, he crawls to the stairs to get to his car and when he is looking down them he says "the kid makes this look easy" What kid is he talking about?


Answer: His own little baby.


Question: Why would Brad go to jail for refusing to rat Donnie out? Doesn't he have the right to remain silent?


Answer: If you are referring to a person's Miranda Rights, it does not give someone the right to remain silent indefinitely or to conceal a crime. It is a notification police give to criminal suspects who are in custody, advising them of their right to refuse to answer questions or provide information to law enforcement or other officials during an interrogation. A person can also invoke their Fifth Amendment right while on trial, but that also does not protect them from being convicted of a crime.

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Question: Regarding the making of this movie and Matthew McConaughey's appearance. Was that just makeup he was wearing or did they digitally make him look different somehow? I want to say they digitally tried to make him look younger for some reason. he just looks very...odd, and in some scenes, his eyes don't seem to be making proper eye contact with Leo's, even when he is staring right at him.


Answer: Matthew was in the process of making Dallas Buyers Club where he played a man dying of AIDS when he was asked to do this film. That's why he looks significantly different.

Answer: It could be make-up, CGI, lighting, or a combination of all that. Regarding the lack of eye contact, considering he's supposed to be high on cocaine, his focus and reflexes would likely be affected.

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Continuity mistake: In the very last scene in New Zealand when Jordan is giving a motivational speech, he approaches his first target in the audience and says 'Sell me this pen.' As he does so, he holds out a pen in his right hand. When we cut to the shot to the person's face, we see that the pen is in Jordan's left hand; this goes on and on with every person. (02:52:10)

Allister Cooper, 2011

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Naomi Lapaglia: Did you just cum?
Jordan Belfort: Oh yeah. I just came. Did you? Did you cum?
Naomi Lapaglia: No.
Jordan Belfort: No? OK. I'm still hard. Just give me a second.
Naomi Lapaglia: Sure.

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Trivia: It was Margot Robbie's idea to appear nude in the doorway. She was scripted to be wearing a slinky robe, but Robbie felt that her character would not wear a robe, reasoning that her character's body was her "form of currency" and that she'd exploit that to "lay her cards on the table."


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