The Wolf of Wall Street

Corrected entry: When they are in Italy on the boat, they find out they need to go to Montecarlo in order to reach Switzerland. They have a chopper. Italy is right next to Switzerland. It makes no sense that they would take a boat to Montecarlo to get to Switzerland, especially given the weather they'd have to sail through.

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Correction: We don't know where in Italy they are. If they are all the way in the south, there is no way a helicopter could make it to Switzerland on a single tank. Then he would also have to consider clearance for airspace, where and how to refuel etc. In short, sailing to Monaco and flying to Switzerland from there is much easier.


Clearance to dock in Monaco is needed if you sail with a large ship. Same trouble than air clearance. Using a helicopter is still faster, even with the eventual refuelling. Switzerland via Monaco makes no sense. They would still need to use the helicopter or a car from Monaco on.

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You have still failed to mention where the mistake was made. Character choice is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, during Black Monday, Jordan Belfort is sitting at his desk at L.F. Rothschild; there is an electronic Ticker Tape running in the background, and all the stock prices are green, indicating higher prices - on Black Monday, stocks dropped 22%.The same all green electronic Ticker Tape is used in the background at other stages on the movie. (00:10:00 - 01:00:00)

Correction: That display was a monochromatic LED type - it only ever displays in green.

Corrected entry: When Jordan drives his Lamborghini Countach high on lemons, he leaves the passenger door open but then it's suddenly closed. (02:02:45)

Correction: The entire sequence of Jordan driving home is Unreliable Narration. Jordan is misremembering his drunk-driving, and the movie is depicting his memory, not reality. There are dozens of similar discontinuities in this scene.

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Continuity mistake: In the very last scene in New Zealand when Jordan is giving a motivational speech, he approaches his first target in the audience and says 'Sell me this pen.' As he does so, he holds out a pen in his right hand. When we cut to the shot to the person's face, we see that the pen is in Jordan's left hand; this goes on and on with every person. (02:52:10)

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Jordan Belfort: I fucked her brains out... For eleven seconds.

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Trivia: The humming chant Matthew McConaughey does and Leonardo DiCaprio adopts is actually something McConaughey does before scenes to relax himself and clear his head. He did it before shooting the scene with DiCaprio in the restaurant, and after a few takes DiCaprio suggested that it was put in the scene, so it stayed.

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