Private Parts

Corrected entry: In a scene that takes place in 1979, a woman takes off her dress to reveal that she's wearing a thong. But thongs weren't worn as underwear by American women until the 1990's.


Correction: Thongs did exist in the late 70s, but were more associated with adult entertainments (e.g. strip clubs, adult movies) at the time. As the woman in question is a porn actress, she may be used to wearing them all the time.

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Corrected entry: When Howard is on the verge of getting fired in Washington, his boss walks down the hall and says he is up two full points and Pizza Shed called and wants to buy time. Howard then says he loves Pizza SHACK and he eats there all the time.

Correction: This is almost certainly a character mistake any way you look at it. However I thought his boss said Pizza Shack as well. So either you perhaps made a mistake or it was misheard by Howard as well.

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Corrected entry: When Howard is shown traveling back to New York City in 1982, the David Bowie song "Let's Dance" is playing, which wasn't out until 1983.

Correction: The music in a movie is there to set a theme, and give atmosphere unless specifically stated otherwise. Just because a song was not released the year the action takes place in does not make it a mistake unless, say, the characters were attending a concert or listening to it on the radio.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Howard is trying to coax his superiors to rehire Robin, a close up of Kenny and a silver lamp with a skewed reflection of Howard in it is shown. In one shot, you can see Howard in the reflection moving his mouth and talking to Kenny, yet no voice is heard.

Correction: I believe the reflection is not Howard's in the table lamp. It looks more like a cameraman or even Betty Thomas, the director. Doesn't look like Howard no matter how skewed the reflection is.

Continuity mistake: When Howard supposedly has radio sex with that blonde woman, it flashes to other locations where people are listening, including one with police officers standing by early to middle 1990s Ford Crown Victorias. Howard did the stunt in the mid 1980s.

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Howard Stern: Lesbians equals ratings.

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