Private Parts

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Howard supposedly has radio sex with that blonde woman, it flashes to other locations where people are listening, including one with police officers standing by what are clearly early to middle 1990s Ford Crown Victorias. Howard did the stint in the mid 1980s.

Continuity mistake: Howard is happy about trying to get Allison pregnant, he places the microphone on the chair mat to do a tap dance. When they cut to the close-up the microphone is on the carpet.

StopNGo & Girls

Continuity mistake: When Howard's dad is talking to Howard about his future, the dad is holding a pipe in his right hand with the pipe stem pointing towards Howard. When it switches to the close up of the dad, the pipe stem is now pointing towards him.

StopNGo & Girls

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Question: Did that woman really manage to put that huge sausage down her throat or was it really good cgi?

Chosen answer: She actually can do it, and became somewhat famous for it. She was on the Howard Stern radio show, and WOR-TV show several times.

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