Private Parts

Continuity mistake: When Howard supposedly has radio sex with that blonde woman, it flashes to other locations where people are listening, including one with police officers standing by early to middle 1990s Ford Crown Victorias. Howard did the stunt in the mid 1980s.

Continuity mistake: Howard is happy about trying to get Allison pregnant, he places the microphone on the chair mat to do a tap dance. When they cut to the close-up the microphone is on the carpet.

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Continuity mistake: During the nude scene with Jenna Jameson, Howard is standing out of touching distance of Jenna. He then states "holy cow are you naked" and the camera angle changes to the opposite side and he is now about a foot away from her. (01:31:10)


Continuity mistake: When Howard's dad is talking to Howard about his future, the dad is holding a pipe in his right hand with the pipe stem pointing towards Howard. When it switches to the close up of the dad, the pipe stem is now pointing towards him.

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Continuity mistake: When Howard hits Kenny with the phone Kenny's nose is bleeding. It cuts to Howard and then back to Kenny and the blood has disappeared. (01:35:45)

Factual error: During Howard's "Thank You" speech to New York he gives NYC the gift of a live performance by AC/DC. The year was 1985. As the band takes the stage and launches into "You Shook Me All Night" we see Phil Rudd on drums. Rudd had quit AC/DC two years earlier and was replaced by Simon Wright. (Rudd returned in 1994, hence being part of the band when the scene was filmed).

Continuity mistake: When Howard is in the car with his dad, driving to his dad's work, they are driving across the bridge in the left lane. When they switch to the wide shot the car is in the right lane.

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Factual error: In the scene where Howard is saying goodbye to Fred in Hartford, a Discover Card logo appears on the storefront behind Howard. This scene is meant to take place in April of 1980, but Discover Card wasn't introduced until 1985. (00:33:50)

Revealing mistake: When Howard is reading the book about how to "score with babes" his lines are on a piece of paper on the page. You can see this by the different color papers. (00:46:25)

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Continuity mistake: Howard and his dad are walking towards his fathers office, there is a black news stand on the sidewalk. When they cut to the shot of his dad holding Howard's hand the news stand is gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Howard is young and watching the guy break the records, there is a blue coffee cup on the desk. The cup moves from under the microphone to its right. Then it disappears in one shot, but in the next shot he picks it up and throws it. Then after Howard's dad gives the speech to get back on the air, the cup is back under the microphone.

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Continuity mistake: Howard is interviewing with Moti to become a DJ, Howard is sitting at Moti's desk in front of a Rolodex and a pen cup. When the shot cuts, Howard has moved to the right and is now sitting in front of the rainbow mug and picture.

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Continuity mistake: When Howard and his friends get caught in the rain and go to the sorority girls house, the girl answers a solid wood door, but when it gets closed it has curtains on it.

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Factual error: In the early 80s, Howard attends the premiere of "Die Watching," a film that was not made until the early 90s.

Continuity mistake: Howard comes to Hartford and meets Fred. Watch the Blackfoot Strikes album. First, it's right side up, then opening down, then right again. Fred then picks it up in the upside down position and puts it on the window sill. When Howard sits down it's back on the board, he puts drumsticks on it. Then he puts a clipboard on it. At the end of the scene the album is gone, back on the windowsill.

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Factual error: In the scene where Howard arrives at WNBC, his moustache is gone and his hair is long. The first few years at WNBC, he still had short hair and the moustache. Also his original air shift was from 4PM-8PM, later changed to 3PM-7PM to accommodate for the Knicks and Rangers broadcasts.

Howard Stern: Lesbians equals ratings.

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Question: Did that woman really manage to put that huge sausage down her throat or was it really good cgi?

Answer: She actually can do it, and became somewhat famous for it. She was on the Howard Stern radio show, and WOR-TV show several times.

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