Corrected entry: After Farmer Hoggett's dance to cheer Babe up, he turns back to see Babe gone from the couch. But when you see the couch, the pillows arranged are different than when Hoggett was sitting on it.

Correction: Farmer Hoggett rearranges the pillows when he gets up, so Babe is comfortable and can get to the bottle.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the sheep's wool is being sheared, Farmer Hoggett shears all of the sheep. In the next scene with Ma out in the field, none of the sheep have been sheared.

Correction: They were a different flock of sheep.

Corrected entry: Babe should never have got full marks at the sheepdog competition because he took far too long.

Correction: It's not clear that he took that long - there are lots of cuts for things going on at the same time. If you look at just the ones that involve Babe, Fly gives him the password as soon as he walks out with Hoggett, and Babe gives it to the sheep immediately after that. The judge remarks that Hoggett is standing stationary, but that doesn't mean he stood for a long time: the judge would probably have expected him to move off immediately given that it was a timed contest.

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Correction: Babe doesn't necessarily need to win by virtue of time, he just has to perform exceptionally well when he gets going, which he does, to prove the feasibility of the idea. Also, the other half of his performance is nearly flawless and therefore he Might win by that anyway.

Continuity mistake: When Babe is walking through the house, you will notice that several times his feet switch from muddy to clean as the camera angle changes.

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Arthur Hoggett: That'll do pig, that'll do.

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Trivia: James Cromwell was a long time vegetarian, but decided to become vegan after playing Hoggett in Babe.

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