Question: Why is The Hoggett's granddaughter a spoiled brat and grandson very quiet?

Question: What's the deal with The Hoggett's children and grandchildren?

Chosen answer: Very vague question. There is no "deal" with them. They are just modern.


Question: After Babe first tries to herd sheep on the farm, Rex talks to Fly and mentions that the two of them are ancestors of someone. Could this mean that he and Fly are related and have been inbred? When the puppies are for sale earlier in the movie, the sign for them says that Rex is a champion; it seems like a farmer would be careful not to inbreed a champion dog.

Chosen answer: Rex means that they are both part of the sheepdog family, not that they are closely related. He thinks that when Fly told Babe about sheep-herding, she disgraced her whole species.