Continuity mistake: In chapter 21 (page 97 in my British Corgi edition) Vittoria says she and her father collected five thousand nanograms of antimatter. However, in chapter 22 (page 101) when Vittoria is about to remove the trap, Kohler says "Five hundred nanograms!", not five thousand. As there is such a huge amount of power in a tiny amount of antimatter, there would be an enormous difference between 500 and 5000 nanograms and Kohler, as an expert scientist, would know this and not make that mistake.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the book, it is said that the jet goes 11,000 miles per hour, and that it took Langdon an hour to get to his destination. However, later, Langdon comments that he is 3,000 miles away from his home. So why did it take him an hour to get to CERN?

Factual error: In one of his lectures Robert Langdon tells his students that the Christians got their tradition of communion, eating their god, from the Aztecs. The Aztec civilization dates to the 13th century while the tradition of communion is as old as Christianity itself. And even disregarding when the Aztecs lived, the Europeans had no contact with America until the late 15th century and could thus not have gotten any traditions that way.

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