Edit: This was an April Fool's gag, or an attempt at one, but a surprisingly large number of people thought it was real. If anyone wants to pay me $4m for the site, I'll gladly consider their offer... :-)

moviemistakes.com is pleased to announce its acquisition by a conglomeration of movie studios and production companies. The buyout, long-rumoured, and finalised for $4,012,021 on Thursday, will enable the site to continue providing a place for keen eyed movie buffs to list their observations for many years to come.

The new owners recognise the fans are the heart and soul of the site, and intend to let them express a broader range of observations and opinions. The site currently lists over 160,000 continuity mistakes, historical inaccuracies, gaping plot holes and more, which will be phased out. Instead visitors will be guided to share their feelings about things movies have done well, and swap stories about their favourite scenes or characters. A positive tone will be encouraged, and indeed enforced.

Jon Sandys, who created the Movie Mistakes site in 1996, is excited at the prospect: "I wasn't entirely convinced by the offer at first, but the large men who visited me made a passionate and compelling case. I've always enjoyed being able to walk, and this deal should ensure I can continue to."

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