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I can't lie, I LOVE these movies. I can bore people for far too long with the timeline wizardry that was needed to tie things together in a way that can't have been planned from the start, but still feels like it was. But as we all know, even the best/most fun (not always the same thing) movies have mistakes in them, and here are some of the biggest from these great films. No doubt the 8th installment (seriously, did anyone ever expect there to be even three, let alone eight?!) will add to the tally, but I'll still be drifting into the cinema as soon as possible to see it...

The Fast and the Furious (2001)

In the final racing scene, when Dominic's car hits the truck and flips in the air, you can clearly see the stunt driver's helmet as the car turns in the air.

When Jesse is going to race Johnny Tran at Race Wars for pink slips and Johnny Tran pulls up in his Honda S2000 Tran has on a black, short sleeved shirt. When the camera goes from side to front view, Tran has on a black tank top.

When Letty goes to race the guy with the RX-7 at race wars, she has Sparco racing seats, but when it shows the RX-7 driver rev his engine, it flips back and she now has factory seats.

At the end when Brian jumps onto the semi truck to save Vince if you look closely at the back of Brian's pants you can clearly see the safety cable that holds him onto the semi truck.

When Dom and Brian are racing the train, the train numbers on the front of the train appear backwards. As soon as they cross the train, the train numbers appear forward: 3134.

When Paul Walker is talking on the phone to get medical help, the phone changes hands instantly from the right to the left without time to do it.

The smudges and blood-stains on Dom's shirt in the end change a lot during the scene.

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

In the first race, the Supra crashes down after jumping the bridge, and a side shot shows that the Supra's rear wheels have changed from the expensive chrome items to the standard Supra wheels.

In the car chase scene towards the end of the film, Brian is not wearing his seat belt in close-ups, yet in the outside-the-car shots, the driver has his seat belt on.

Throughout the opening race scene, you'll notice that Suki's car has neon lights around the rear license plate. However, in one shot, just after the second corner, there are no neons. One of the less detailed clone cars perhaps?

When Suki and Tej are being booked for speeding when they took Brian's and Roman's cars, the police officer next to them should be writing on his notepad, but instead the words are already written and he is just moving the pen over these words.

When Brian and Rome find Verone's red car at the impound lot, just after they get out of their cars, the Mitsubishi sign on the Evo's front is missing. In the next shot, however, it's there again.

When Brian is driving the Skyline to the first race, and during the race, the car has rubber pedals. But after his Skyline gets shot with the ESD and he tries to slam on the brakes, the pedals are the aftermarket Momo style pedals.

When Brian and Roman are speeding down the highway to get to the boatyard, the camera cuts to inside police headquarters (I think). On the computer screen are two GPS signals (Brian and Roman), and it says 6th and 7th Street, but when it cuts to a wider angle it says 4th, 5th and 6th Street, indicating the screen has moved up instead of down. (Zoom is required.)

Close to the end, when Brian and Roman are driving to meet Verone in Roman's car, Roman has his arm out the window, yet in the following shot its not out the window.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

When Sean Boswell is driving the red Lancer for the first time at the docks, right after the guy in the orange sweater says, "Will someone please teach this guy to drift", Sean crashes the back of his car against a pile of wood, and you can see the spoiler falling on the ground. In the next shot, you see Sean's face, and in the background the spoiler is back on the car.

In the final race when the 350Z rear ends the Mustang and rides up on the embankment, as it starts to come back down the right headlight falls out (left one broke when he hit him). In the next scene it is miraculously back in place.

Fast & Furious (2009)

When Vin Diesel sits at the dinner table to eat Chinese take out food, his screen sister asks him to pray before eating. Vin Diesel takes a gulp of the beer, which starts to foam up and spill. Next shot during prayer, there is no foam on the beer.

When the guy on the roof stands and takes aim at the window in preparation for Brian, the film crew are reflected in a window behind him.

After the theft of the tankers, Dom and his gang attend a party where Dom tells Letty that he wants her to quit because it's too dangerous. Watch Letty's right shoulder as it is alternatively bare and covered by her white blouse.

In the final scene Mia is driving an NSX. The aerial disappears and reappears throughout this scene.

Fast Five (2011)

Throughout the entire vault chase scene, the condition of Dom and Brian's car windows switch between being damaged and perfectly intact.

In the scene where Gisele is pointing a gun at Roman, Gisele's finger moves from on the trigger guard to the trigger in different shots.

The hole in the plastic which is around the vault Han ordered changes after Tej says "You got a 100 million dollars in a safe, are you going to put somebody else's handprint on it?" This is easiest to spot around the palm scanner: at first, it is completely free, but after that line, the plastic suddenly hangs in front of it.

As the cars are being stolen from the train car, they're violently dropped onto the ground, yet they don't have a scratch on them. The best example is the vintage Corvette that Vin Diesel drives out of the train car. The car falls at least 6 feet, landing on the front left corner of the bumper, yet seconds later, the car is in perfect condition.

When Mia and Brian are about to jump off the roof, when a gunman takes aim there's a cameraman to the bottom right below him.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Throughout the entire movie, Hobbs has a goatee. But when Hobbs is driving and talking on the phone to Tej, his goatee is gone. In Hobbs' next scene, the goatee is suddenly back again.

In the scene of Paul Walker getting off a plane in an orange prison jumpsuit escorted by U. S. Marshals, the jackets worn by the Marshals have the misspelling "Marshall" printed on them.

During Brian's jump over the bridge debris, the Ford leans forward pretty far and is still rolling forward by the time the shot cuts. When he touches down, the angle of the car is a lot less steep.

Furious 7 (2015)

During the whole bus chase scene the bullet holes in Dom's window keep changing. Most noticeable when he rejoins the road and tells Rome to go back for the others.

When we first see Hobbs he is marking a load of paperwork as captured. On the first sheet, he punches "captured" directly on the photo. In the next shot the word "captured" has changed its position on the photo.

When Dom comes to a stop in the underground garage, there is a drain just in front of his car. When we see the cars reflection in some glass, the car has moved so the drain is not visible.

When we first see the motorcade with the bus they are in close formation. Camera cuts and the 2 rear 4x4s are now some distance apart.

When Roman starts the diversion we see Dom and Brian walk off and stop as 2 security guards in silver suits emerge from round a corner. Camera cuts and it is now just 1 security guard.

When Hobbs is doing his paperwork at the start we see him move one sheet aside and the photo underneath is black and white. When we see Hobbs stamp the second sheet it is now a colour photo.

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