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Factual error: During the first tunnel sequence, all the cars travel very far into the mountains, turn lots of corners, yet not only is Gisele still able to speak to them over the radios, their GPS still works. GPS signals invariably need a clear 'sight' of the sky and can penetrate light cover, but most certainly not that depth and cover. (00:58:05)


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Visible crew/equipment: When the guy on the roof stands and takes aim at the window in preparation for Brian, the film crew are reflected in a window behind him. (00:13:00)

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Continuity mistake: During the final chase just before everyone goes into the tunnels, Dom's Charger gets a glancing hit on its back right-hand corner, and you can see the panel damage, but later the damage disappears.


Continuity mistake: Dom smashes his Charger into the side of the silver Chevrolet 4x4 and damages the front of the car, yet in all following shots, the damage has gone.


Character mistake: Paul Walker is told of a 240SX with an illegal mod. You then see it is an S15. There was never an S15 240SX. It is a Japanese spec 200SX, chassis code S15.

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Continuity mistake: When Vin Diesel sits at the dinner table to eat Chinese take out food, his screen sister asks him to pray before eating. Vin Diesel takes a gulp of the beer, which starts to foam up and spill. Next shot during prayer, there is no foam on the beer. (01:08:25)

Visible crew/equipment: When Brian at the end says "don't make me laugh", if you look at the chrome bumper of the green Torino he's leaning on, you can see a member of the crew moving. It's not Toretto as he's on the other side of Brian, and it's not any of the Police as evidenced by the following shot that still shows them to be far away.


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Continuity mistake: When Dom slams his black Buick Grand National into the side of the Petroleum tanker to get the coupling to break, the entire side of the car is stoved in, and the rear axle is seriously bent as evidenced by the angle of the back wheel. All subsequent shots, however, show the wheel intact and the damage to the side as slight denting.


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Continuity mistake: When Brian and the runner fall onto the car, they fall in such a way that their heads are towards the rear of the car. When we see them "inside" the car, their heads are by the steering wheel. (00:13:45)

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Continuity mistake: The left side of the spoiler on Brian's car is broken when "Ghetto Smurf's" orange car rolls off the bridge. However a few seconds later when Brian drifts through the final turn the spoiler is fixed before being broken again in the next shot. (00:42:45)

Continuity mistake: The tractor trailer rams the rear of the Buick twice. Just before the second impact, we can see the rear bumper of the Buick is hanging well below its normal location and the sides of the car show crumpled damage. Moments later, the car spins around alongside the trailer and the rear of the car is undamaged. (00:03:45)


Factual error: Dom removes the hose from his nitrous oxide cylinder to fill his car with the gas and then pushes in his cigarette lighter. The fact is that nitrous oxide is not actually flammable on its own. Nitrous oxide is an oxidiser that contains a higher oxygen content than air. This is why it is pumped into engines so that more fuel can also be added to create a stronger explosion. Filling a car with nitrous oxide would not make it explode. You could put a lighter in the car surrounded by the gas and it just mean that the flame would burn brighter - not create an explosion radius of about 5 metres. It is not explosive when introduced to heat. The only way this is true is if the bottle itself was heated up to explosion levels - would be a few hundred degrees as they are pressure tested to significant levels.


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Continuity mistake: After the theft of the tankers, Dom and his gang attend a party where Dom tells Letty that he wants her to quit because it's too dangerous. Watch Letty's right shoulder as it is alternatively bare and covered by her white blouse. (00:10:25)


Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, Vin Diesel kicks open a guy's door and you hear Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. When the camera pans to the TV for a split second, Marcus is not seen anywhere.

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Suggested correction: Marcus Feenix doesn't need to be on screen to be heard. If, for example you are playing online and another player is controlling Marcus, you wouldn't see Marcus on screen every time he speaks as you are controlling Dom Santiago and see the game from his perspective.


Factual error: During the final chase across the desert, Dom fires at several cars, shooting out their tyres, several of those cars then stop dead and the back ends of the those cars lift up and flip over. Those cars might lose control, but it wouldn't cause the back ends of the cars to defy gravity in such a way unless they actually hit something, which they never do.


Factual error: When the tanker trailers are separated from each other, the trailer brakes would apply, causing the trailers to skid and/or stop. No one hooks up air lines on the pickups to prevent this from happening. (00:01:00 - 00:03:00)


Continuity mistake: When Brian is telling Mia why he let Dominic go in the first movie, Mia's necklace goes from over her shirt (on her right shoulder) to under the shirt and on her neck correctly. (01:09:30)


Plot hole: Throughout the first half of the movie the focus is to locate and find David Park. It is believed this will lead them to Bragga and they can arrest him. However, later in the movie it is revealed that Letty was working with the FBI and was killed running drugs for Bragga. This means that the whole storyline to find Park was useless because they already knew how to get people inside. (00:18:55)


Visible crew/equipment: When Brian steals the Humvee, and stops for Dom to get it, there is a camera very prominently reflected in it. (01:01:50)

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Question: Are they completely ignoring the events of the second movie? I was given the impression that Brian and Roman were going to open a garage together with the money they took from Carter. Plus Brian was on the outs with the FBI. Yet in this movie, he's suddenly an FBI agent.

Answer: No it doesn't ignore 2 Fast 2 Furious, Brian even references it a couple of times. In that movie, Brian was promised a 'clean slate' if he helped them out which presumably gives him the option to rejoin a law enforcement agency. That he chose not to open a garage with Roman is pretty much redundant, Brian simply got a better offer, and as he stated in Fast & Furious with his conversation with Mia, "I'm a good liar".


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