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When Spidey first interrupts the criminals on the ferry, there are 2 motorbikes behind him on the left. When he throws one of the bad guys around with a web, the bikes have moved to the right, along with the yellow markings they were on, showing the shot's been flipped. They then move back.

When Spider-Man stops the "Avengers" from robbing the ATM, there's a car parked outside at the start, visible through the window, which disappears a few seconds later, and then reappears after that.

When the ferry starts splitting in two, there are people standing at the back and cars on the bottom. In a wide shot the people and cars have disappeared, then the people reappear a few seconds later, as do the cars in a later shot.

When Spider-Man is at the top of the Washington Monument, in the background we can see a sniper aiming straight at him from the helicopter. We cut to a closer shot of the chopper, and the guy's rifle is suddenly lowered, then he raises it.

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I can't lie, I LOVE these movies. I can bore people for far too long with the timeline wizardry that was needed to tie things together in a way that can't have been planned from the start, but still feels like it was. But as we all know, even the best/most fun (not always the same thing) movies have mistakes in them, and here are some of the biggest from these great films. No doubt the 8th installment (seriously, did anyone ever expect there to be even three, let alone eight?!) will add to the tally, but I'll still be drifting into the cinema as soon as possible to see it...

It's that time of year again! Time to gather round screens in a dark room and watch a horror movie - either a classic or something...less so. But whether you're screaming or laughing, here are 15 horrific hollywood howlers...

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