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I'm going to start bulking up the blog side of the site, with trailers, movie news, thoughts and opinions, etc., as well as mistake compilations. So in the spirit of that, a) please get in touch via the contact form or forum if you've got ideas for what you'd like to see, and b) here are a few of the recent movie trailers that have made their way to my eyeballs...


I know the basics about Shazam, namely it's a DC comic wherein a small boy says Shazam and becomes a superhero, but that's about it. Tonally though, this feels light years apart from the other DC movies, and aside from the fleeting Batman/Superman references there's very little sign that this is connected to the same universe. And I have to say, that's no bad thing, given the mixed response most DC films have received, Wonder Woman excepted.

Zachary Levi, making the jump from Marvel, I wouldn't say was an obvious choice for a superhero, but given his general talent, and of course the history of successful unconventional casting of heroes, Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and Michael Keaton's Batman being the obvious examples, he looks like he can swing it. So I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

Hunter Killer

Look, of course this is going to be garbage. Without meaning to besmirch the poor guy, Gerard Butler hasn't had a great run of late, with Geostorm and London has Fallen being particular examples of...let's say "dogshit". So I'm not expecting this to win any Oscars - what it comes down to is whether it'll be enjoyable drivel, or just plain awful. Gary Oldman should lend a sheen of quality to the proceedings, but any movie involving a submarine and Russians but not featuring Sean Connery as a Scotoviet (is that a word?) commander has a pretty high bar to clear.

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