Dark Phoenix trailer

By Jon Sandys

Thu 27th Sep 2018

Thus far...meh. I mean it'll probably be fine, but there's nothing specifically pulling me in. First Class was good, Days of Future Past was great, Apocalypse was dreadful, and this...we'll see. Curious as to whether this will end with some Marvel universe-merging or just come to some natural conclusion.

While it's been confirmed that the X-Men and Fantastic Four will join the MCU "soon", that's a lot of characters to drop into an existing universe, and maintaining the existing continuity will be near-impossible, although given it's a comic book universe, they've got any number of tricks to blur the lines, and the more recent X-Men movies have taken place in the past anyway. Except for Deadpool, the sequel of which showed the current X-Men still existing in the modern world....the whole timeline's a bit of a muddle, which probably helps.

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