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Ah, that makes sense - I first saw this one on Youtube, which at a guess was the first season or an early version? But yeah, this is exactly right:

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: I noticed that too and although I can't think of any sitcom starting like that it does remind me strongly of Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" intro, which was from the 80's as well.


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Chosen answer: The sleeve probably would have been ripped to shreds in battle anyway. He was just saving time by ripping it himself. Also, gunfighters would take off their coats in a duel or an arm wrestler rolling up his sleeve.

Answer: Aside from visual aesthetics and it being nice to see the metal arm. In world/practically I think (and I believe this is the reason why he tends to not have a left sleeve in most action we've seen him in prior films) it's also to assist with mobility during fights. The metal arm likely behaves a little differently than a human/bone and flesh arm does - and restricting that in a sleeve during a fight (especially in a thicker jacket sleeve) might mess with his reflexes. So removing the sleeve probably assists with the mobility of that arm.

Answer: That's the impression I got. Plus, he was expecting to go into battle, so perhaps he thought it would make him look more intimidating.

Phaneron Premium member

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Loki picture

For All Time. Always. - S1-E6

Question: He Who Remains talks about reincarnation, and says "see you soon" to Sylvie. Does he literally mean this version of himself will return? If so how, given he's, y'know, dead? Or does he just mean that another version of him will encounter Sylvie in due course, either his younger self or another variant?

Answer: No he doesn't mean this version of himself, he means the other versions. They are all basically him.


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Dexter: New Blood picture

Season 1 generally

Question: Would it actually be possible for someone as young as Harrison was to remember seeing his mother being murdered? I think he was around a year old at the time.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Around 1 year old is very unlikely. However, there are numerous reports and articles online of kids as young as 4 telling people "daddy hurt mummy" or vice versa when witnessing a murder.

Ssiscool Premium member

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And Just Like That... picture

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - S1-E8

Question: Che says to Miranda that she has been f**king her for 3 weeks yet in previous episodes, they had sex in Carrie's kitchen, and then we watch seasons pass as Carrie wrote her book, so how has it only been 3 weeks?

Answer: Che's referring to when they officially began their affair (right after the fund-raiser auction) and had declared their feelings for one another. The kitchen incident was a separate, one-time encounter with a long gap in-between, though with an open invitation for future meet-ups.

raywest Premium member

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