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The Gateway picture

Character mistake: Detective King (?) told Mikey, "You're on probation. You got no rights." King knew Mikey had been in prison, so should have said, "You're on parole" (not probation). Although a layperson might use probation and parole interchangeably, an employee in the criminal justice system (such as a detective) should know the differences between the terms and use the right one. A parolee is given an early, conditional release from prison and has fewer "rights" than a probationer. (00:47:10)


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Dark Web: Cicada 3301 picture

Factual error: Morse code is supposedly being transmitted by the blinking street lights. They supposedly spell "For 3veryth5h1ng that 7iv3s is holy." I know Morse code. It was just a random scattering of letters. (01:00:05)


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The Penthouse picture

Other mistake: After scuba divers got Tess' body out of the water, Peter asked Det. Martinez who she was. Martinez replied, "She and Charles were common law husband and wife." Peter later asked if he would be notifying Tess' family. Martinez replied, "We don't even know Tess was her real name." It doesn't make sense that Martinez could know Charles and Tess were common law spouses if he wasn't sure who Tess really was. Also, N. Carolina never recognized common law marriage and Florida abolished it in 1968.


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Take Back picture

Deliberate mistake: The "Sixth Street Coffee" surveillance video footage of Zara disarming the barista's determined ex-boyfriend was different from the actual event when shown on Audrey's cell phone (recorded from TV news). The most obvious difference was that Zara never held the gun with both hands behind her and making a circular motion over her head before aiming at the man she had kicked to the floor. (00:08:10 - 00:09:45)


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Wrath of Man picture

Factual error: When "H" is shooting at the target, the paper holes are wrong. Bullets make clean precise holes on paper targets. (00:08:20)

Movie Medic

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The Guilty picture

Continuity mistake: Joe has 'Rick C' (his partner) listed as a contact in his phone - late on in the movie when Joe calls him from the bathroom stall, he is listed as just "Rick"

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The Virtuoso picture

Continuity mistake: The chairs at the counter in Rosie's Cafe are neatly paced with their backs against the counter (with the one on the far right out a little) when the Virtuoso enters, but some positions change during his stay. For example, the middle one and the last one are pulled back at different times. No one at the cafe is moving them. (00:31:17 - 00:31:55)


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Below Zero picture

Other mistake: The issued sidearm for the Spanish National Police is the H&K USP 9mm Compact, which has a capacity of 13+1 bullets, and the Civil Guards' is the Beretta 92fs/M9, which is a 9mm and has a magazine capacity of 15+1 bullets. As of 2020 the Beretta is being phased out for the H&K USP C. The police officer fires a total of 5 bullets from his Beretta then the slide locks back because its dry. He has no magazines for reloads either. I highly doubt the Spanish police issues 5 bullets to their officers. (00:33:00 - 00:35:30)

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Out of Death picture

Revealing mistake: The "unnatural seam" (line) across Jimmy's forehead and beyond - as well as the overall appearance of his head - indicates that he is NOT "naturally bald"! His "fake" bald head was not put on nearly as well as those seen in numerous other movies. [The actor playing the character does not have much hair in real life, but he also doesn't have that artifical line across his forehead.]. (00:07:13)


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Lady of the Manor picture

Continuity mistake: Max Cameron's classroom appears to be slapped together and inconsistent. The wall is white but later tan. The door hinges are on the right, then left. The pencil sharpener, awkwardly mounted on the door frame, gets moved to the right. The hallway is a tan wall, but later just a closed door. Doors comprise the wall behind Dewey and there's a door behind Max, to the right of the white board. (00:59:55 - 01:00:43)


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Way Down picture

Deliberate mistake: When James started to fall off the ladder, he tried to jump to reach the other side. Thom grabbed his right hand with his and was able to pull him to safety. James' weight and the force with which he jumped and swayed would have most likely resulted in James pulling Thom over the edge with him, and both being seriously injured or killed. (01:22:26)


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The Tomorrow War picture

Factual error: The aircraft launched to destroy the city of Miami are F-22 air superiority fighters, which are entirely incapable of saturation or carpet bombing. Even the way they carry out the operation in the movie demonstrates this. They blow up a few streets and that's it. What was the point?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Suggested correction: The air strike was not launched to destroy the city, just the research facility and the area around it. The F-22s would be WAY old by the time of this attack and it's perfectly reasonable to assume from this that the military was using anything it had left in its last stand battle to kill the creatures.

It's stated in the film that the city had been lost/overrun and would be destroyed, ostensibly to destroy as many white spikes as possible.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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The Seventh Day picture

Revealing mistake: The possessed "Helen" that Fr Daniel threw to the ground by grabbing the back of her hair landed like a stuffed doll, not person. The "body" was mostly padding and the fake "Helen" kind of bounced or teetered after hitting the ground. Also, her arms stayed hidden in front of her whereas a real person would be stretching out or moving arms to try to land as safely as possible. (00:21:35)


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Lena and Snowball picture

Revealing mistake: When "Snowball" is sleeping on Lena's bed, it is obviously a "stuffed double" (stand-in). Snowball is usually partially hidden behind the dog (so breathing doesn't need to be shown/mimicked). The failure of Snowball to make even a slight movement is a giveaway (e.g, no ear movement when Lena starts talking), but even the stuffed lion, in itself, is not a very good replica - it simply looks fake. (00:33:44 - 00:48:20)


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Born a Champion picture

Factual error: The movie largely takes place in California during the 1990s. California's mandatory seat belt law went into effect 1/01/86. When Mickey was driving Kyd to the cemetery, they were not wearing seat belts. Also, Kyd was 8 years old at the time. Although legally permitted to ride in the front, it is advised that kids sit in the back seat for safety. Considering Lyla was recently killed when a driver ran a stop sign, Mickey should have been more concerned for Kyd's safety as a passenger. (01:12:58 - 01:15:05)


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Here Today picture

Revealing mistake: After Charlie talks to Emma in Francine's old bedroom and is standing in the doorway, the background (segment of the hallway) is obviously fake. Shown are less than five of the top steps on the staircase, only a fraction of the size of real steps. The lower section of the banister is also a reduced size. (01:31:35)


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Coming 2 America picture

Continuity mistake: When King Akeem is training his son to take the whiskers off a sleeping lion, they are up in a platform. In the angle looking at the son, a fan is causing a shadow on Akeem's shoulders. In the opposite angle it is not visible.

manthabeat Premium member

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Jurassic Hunt picture

Revealing mistake: Based on the size of the dinosaur's back shown behind the 6' high cement enclosure, there is not enough room for the rest of the dinosaur's tail and the enclosure is not high enough to accommodate its neck and head. (00:16:29)


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Naked Singularity picture

Factual error: Unless left in the vehicle (not the case here), towed impounded vehicles do not have keys. Moreover, lacking keys, a valid registration, possibly proof of insurance, and new plates, vehicles bought at a NYPD auction are to be TOWED away. A newly-purchased auctioned vehicle, such as the Navigator in the movie, is "ticket-" or "citation-ready", not ready to be driven on the streets.


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