Continuity mistake: Ed Harris plays a property manager character and is featured in the beginning of the movie, walking with a pronounced limp, a seemingly painful gait. His character is shown in many other nominal scenes throughout the movie without limping. Most notable, shortly before the end of the movie, his character is shown dancing wildly, spastically, and jumping to music, seemingly unencumbered and fluidly, in a way that his character in the first part of the movie would not have been capable of doing.


2nd Jan 2022

Don't Look Up (2021)

Continuity mistake: Leonardo DiCaprio's phone is shown attached to his car dashboard. He gets out of his car, all the while, looking up toward the sky. The next scene shows him grabbing his phone from his pocket while standing outside his car. (01:36:06 - 01:36:56)


9th Nov 2015

Jersey Boys (2014)

Factual error: In the party scene at Bob Crewe's house, shortly after the Four Seasons have met him at his office, there is a framed copy of Andy Warhol's Campbell soup can, which was not produced until 1962. This party scene most certainly would have been years prior to 1962, as Crewe began collaborating with Bob Guado in 1960 and "Sherry" was the first major record success by the Four Season's, also to hit the airwaves in 1962.


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