Crisis (2021)

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Continuity mistake: When the "kid" rolls off his sled into the snow, his sled is right behind him and about to hit the leg he was turning over in the air, but an aerial view shows the sled's tracks stop about 10' before the kid. In the aerial view, the sled is facing and headed toward the cliff, not ending up perpendicular to the cliff as the ground view show. Also from the aerial view, when the "kid" turns his leg around in the air, the sled is already stopped above, not about to ram him. (00:02:50)


Continuity mistake: The rope to pull the kid's sled was largely caught underneath the front of the sled when the "kid" started riding down the hill, but almost all the rope was on top of the sled moments later. Also, the rope getting entangled under the sled should have interfered with gliding in the snow and possibly caused an accident/injury. (00:02:42)


Revealing mistake: Sledding down the hill, the "kid" noticed the upcoming cliff, but an aerial view of the "kid" lying in the snow after he rolled off his sled did not show a distinct cliff/ledge, just a snow embankment (piled - or plowed! - against trees/brush). (00:02:48)


Revealing mistake: The "kid" drug runner/courier who was fleeing Canadian Police/Border Patrol (riding snowmobiles and accompanied by dogs and a helicopter) was quite close to the cliff when he started rolling off his sled, but he was further back when the camera shifted to a rear shot showing him rolling to a stop. The kid's distance from the edge was inconsistent other times, as well, such as when he raised his hands for the police. (00:02:43)


Revealing mistake: There was already a gap in the snow mounds (which looked like a snow sledding path with no fresh tracks) when the "kid" was sledding down the steep hill. (00:02:40)


Private Investigator: Cops miss a lot of things. I know, I used to be one.

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Trivia: Of the desks that could be seen in the college classroom/ lecture hall, 25% were designed for left-handed students. That's about twice as many as could be expected to be needed because roughly 12-13% of people in the U.S. are left-handed. (00:41:44)


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