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Encanto picture

Continuity mistake: Near the start, Mirabel is given a basket with items such as bucket and spade, windmils etc. When given the basket the buckets are towards her. When the shot changes the buckets are away from her. (00:07:15)


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Sing 2 picture

Plot hole: Johnny's dad jumps in his truck and gets to Johnny in moments. That same journey was shown to be an overnight bus journey for everyone else.

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Cruella picture

Factual error: When Cruella first drives her iconic car, being in Britain the driver's seat should be on the right side, not the left.


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Suggested correction: Cars can be imported from overseas. It's very possible the car was imported from America.

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The Boss Baby: Family Business picture

Character mistake: When Tim and Ted enter the school, we can hear a group of girls including Tabitha singing: "The wheels on the bus go Pi-r-squared / circumference all around." But π r² equals the area of a circle, not the circumference (which is 2πr). (00:36:34)

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The Mitchells vs. the Machines picture The Mitchells vs. the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While at Dino Stop, Katie convinces her dad not to play it safe and to take a chance to save the world. Rick agrees and extends his left hand for the "all hands, Mitchell family on three." In the closeup we see Katie put in her right hand, but in the wide shot Katie's left hand pulls out. Also, note that in the closeup both Katie's and Aaron's positions between their parents are switched. (00:45:00)

Super Grover

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Red Notice picture

Factual error: Dwayne Johnson is pursuing a thief. He gets into a Porsche Taycan and pushed the start button, and he can drive off. But you have to have the key fob in your pocket or bag. Porsche explains: "As long as your key is close when you grab the door handle, the system automatically checks the encrypted access code on the key. Once your code is validated, the door will unlock, and you'll be granted access to your vehicle." Dwayne had no fob, as the car was just parked.


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Suggested correction: I assumed the car belonged to the guy who was stood just in front of it, so the fob would have been in his pocket, close enough to start it.

Maybe start it, but since he drove away, the fob would no longer be in his possession and although the car would continue running one time, it could not be restarted.


Maybe the owner was so stupid to leave the keys in the car. "Who can steal it, here in front of me?"

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Coming 2 America picture

Continuity mistake: While Semmi is telling Akeem about their visits to the nightclubs, there are shots from the original movie with some women they meet. When the "woman" in red tells them she's going to tear them apart, Semmi's wearing a patterned shirt, tie, and blazer when he spits his drink. Two shots later (new footage), Semmi's shirt collar style changes, as well as the pattern on his shirt and blazer. (00:11:15)

Super Grover

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Raya and the Last Dragon picture

Continuity mistake: When watching the water retreat after Sisu falls, a view from behind the characters shows Noi sitting on Tuk Tuk. The very next cut shows Tong picking her up from the ground. (01:18:01)

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The French Dispatch picture The French Dispatch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Krementz talks with Zeffirelli while he's taking a bath and asks her to close the bathtub curtain, the cigarette he previously had in the mouth disappears in the next shot when Mrs. Krementz closes the curtain.

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Jungle Cruise picture

Revealing mistake: The jaguar near the start jumps onto the bar and prowls along it. It knocks over one glass with some force, which shatters, but the second glass is barely tapped by its foot and it smashes to bits too, when it should just have been pushed out of the way.

Jon Sandys

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Don't Look Up picture

Continuity mistake: Leonardo DiCaprio's phone is shown attached to his car dashboard. He gets out of his car, all the while, looking up toward the sky. The next scene shows him grabbing his phone from his pocket while standing outside his car. (01:36:06 - 01:36:56)


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Breaking News in Yuba County picture

Character mistake: After banker Karl was reported missing from his home, the police detective did not even think to locate his car - which he could have merely driven away in (meaning he was not kidnapped).


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Here Today picture

Revealing mistake: After Charlie talks to Emma in Francine's old bedroom and is standing in the doorway, the background (segment of the hallway) is obviously fake. Shown are less than five of the top steps on the staircase, only a fraction of the size of real steps. The lower section of the banister is also a reduced size. (01:31:35)


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Small Engine Repair picture

Other mistake: Packie arrived at Frank's garage on a bicycle, wearing a brown coat, hat, gray hooded sweatshirt, patterned shirt, and a T-shirt. Swaino arrived on a motorcycle, wearing a tight jacket, no hat, black gloves, and black jogging jacket with white trim. When they were outside by the grill, they had large sweaters over their coats. It isn't known where these sweaters came from. It can be assumed the blanket Swaino used at first was from Frank's garage, but the sweaters did not appear to be Frank's. (00:25:32 - 00:37:35)


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Peter Rabbit 2 picture

Factual error: During the escape from the farmers market a red London bus is in the background. Those busses aren't used in Gloucester.


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Lady of the Manor picture

Continuity mistake: Max Cameron's classroom appears to be slapped together and inconsistent. The wall is white but later tan. The door hinges are on the right, then left. The pencil sharpener, awkwardly mounted on the door frame, gets moved to the right. The hallway is a tan wall, but later just a closed door. Doors comprise the wall behind Dewey and there's a door behind Max, to the right of the white board. (00:59:55 - 01:00:43)


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8-Bit Christmas picture

Revealing mistake: When Jake is sliding on the floor at the mall trying to grab his retainer, streak marks are visible on the floor from where they practised the shot.


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Clifford the Big Red Dog picture

Continuity mistake: The angle of the laptop on the kitchen table changed (and no-one was close enough to have moved it). The laptop was initially more evenly aligned with the edge of the (round) table. A little later, the laptop was not visible, but probably should have been. (00:04:09 - 00:04:44)


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