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Continuity mistake: While Semmi is telling Akeem about their visits to the nightclubs, there are shots from the original movie with some women they meet. When the "woman" in red tells them she's going to tear them apart, Semmi's wearing a patterned shirt, tie, and blazer when he spits his drink. Two shots later (new footage), Semmi's shirt collar style changes, as well as the pattern on his shirt and blazer. (00:11:15)

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Continuity mistake: The movie indicates Akeem had a one night stand on his first visit the night he and Semmi goes to the night club. However, in the first movie, on the way home from the club he finds out about the fundraising event from Mr. Clarence and goes there instead.

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Suggested correction: The nightclub scenes in the original film were meant to be at least 2 different nights. Akeem and Semmi are wearing patterned sweaters when they meet the woman who worships the devil. For the remainder of the scene they are wearing button down shirts and blazers.


Continuity mistake: When King Akeem is training his son to take the whiskers off a sleeping lion, they are up in a platform. In the angle looking at the son, a fan is causing a shadow on Akeem's shoulders. In the opposite angle it is not visible.

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Continuity mistake: While Akeem is running on the streets of Queens heading toward Reverend Brown's church, Akeem is wearing dark shoes, but just before he stops near the Lyft car, the actor is wearing sneakers with white stripes. (01:28:00)

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Semmi: You walk like an American pimp.
Lavelle Junson: You're dressed like a slave from the future.

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