Jungle Cruise

Revealing mistake: The jaguar near the start jumps onto the bar and prowls along it. It knocks over one glass with some force, which shatters, but the second glass is barely tapped by its foot and it smashes to bits too, when it should just have been pushed out of the way.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Revealing mistake: Frank and Lily are swinging from a vine. As they reach the end of the swing, Frank manages to put one boot heel on the landing, but cannot get his footing to stay there. He lifts his foot repeatedly trying to get a better purchase. Except that as he is barely hanging on, lifting his boot even once would propel him backwards, much less lifting his foot several times without a back swing. He finally loses his purchase on the landing, but not because of the repeated attempts to lift his foot off. (01:09:40)


Continuity mistake: When Lily enters the room to steal the arrowhead, she holds a drawing with her right arm raised. From the opposite angle it's lowered.

Sacha Premium member

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