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Stonehearst Asylum picture

Edward Newgate: You're mad!
Silas Lamb: We're all mad Dr. Newgate. Some are simply not mad enough to admit it.

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Tusk picture

Wallace Bryton: I don't wanna die in Canada.

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Backcountry picture

Alex: You know we'll be lucky to see anything bigger than a chipmunk, right?

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See No Evil 2 picture

Tamara: Oh! Where's... wheelchair guy?
Amy: Holden. Uh, Holden's dead.

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown picture

Jami: It was crazy of me to think I could help the police, but I'm going to keep researching, keep writing, there are stories that need to be told, so.

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Annabelle picture

Mia: There are things happening that can't explain.

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It Follows picture

Hugh: It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.

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As Above, So Below picture

La Taupe: The only way out is down.

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Deliver Us from Evil picture

Sarchie: You see, Father, as we speak every day, out there, someone's getting hurt, ripped off, murdered, raped. Where's God when all that's happening? Hmm?
Mendoza: In the hearts of people like you, who put a stop to it. I mean, we can talk all night about the problem of evil, but what about the problem of good? I mean, if there's no God, if the world is just "survival of the fittest," then why are all the men in this room willing to lay down their lives for total strangers? Hmm?

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The Babadook picture

Samuel: Don't let it in.

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Let Us Prey picture

Six: People like to blame me, but I'm just a witness. The things that I see would make angels weep. And they have wept.

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What We Do in the Shadows picture

Jackie: I love you.
Terry, Jackie's husband: I love you too.
Jackie: Great. But I am your master.

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Ouija picture

Laine Morris: Sarah if you're pushing it that is really messed up.
Sarah Morris: I'm not pushing it.

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Unfriended picture

Jess Felton: Who would hack into a dead girl's account?

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Life After Beth picture

Zach Orfman: Oh, everything's great. Beth's alive and it was all just one big hoax. So, just forget about it.
Judy Orfman: Well, I don't think that's funny.
Zach Orfman: Yeah, well, I don't either.

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Sharknado 2: The Second One picture

Ben: Holy sh... ark.

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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort picture

Jackson: See, how do you preserve family strength? How do you keep it pure?
Danny: How?
Sally: We stick to our own.

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Burying the Ex picture

Evelyn: Can't we just go back to the way things were?
Max: You're dead to me.

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Joy Ride 3 picture

Rusty Nail: Learned that from a hockey ninja.

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13 Sins picture

Prof. Edgar Solomon: A bear taking a dump asked a rabbit, "Does shit stick to your fur as a habit?" "Of course not," said the hare, "It's really quite rare," so the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit. There once was a lady named Dot who lived off pig shit and snot. When she ran out of these, she ate the green cheese... that she grew on the sides... of her twat.

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