The Babadook
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Samuel: You can't get rid of the Babadook.

The Babadook: You can bring me the boy. You can bring me the boy. You can bring me the boy.

The Babadook: Ba-ba-ba... dook! Dook! doooookh.

Amelia: Why don't you go eat shit?

The Babadook: You can bring me the boy.

Samuel: It wasn't me, Mum! The Babadook did it.

Amelia: You are nothing. You're nothing! This is my house! You are trespassing in my house! If you touch my son again, I'll fucking kill you.

Samuel: Don't let it in.

Trivia: Part of the inspiration for the film came from a friend of writer/director Jennifer Kent. Her friend, a single mother, had a young son who like many children was terrified of non-existent "monsters" he thought were lurking in his home. Kent then had the idea to turn this into a film. What if a child was terrified of monsters lurking in their closet, under their beds, etc... except they were real?

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