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A Haunted House picture

Continuity mistake: When Keisha shows the father the painting she made, the father places it on the table over the color palette. Then after Keisha screams in the father's face, the magazine is gone. He sprays her with breath spray and replaces the painting over the color palette. (01:07:00)

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Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway picture

Other mistake: It is impossible for Gordon, Edward, and Toby to all puff into the Sodor Steamworks at the same exact time, as there is only one transfer table there.

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Killing Kennedy picture

New this week Factual error: Early in the film, JFK recalls that his older brother was "shot down" in World War II. His brother was actually blown up in an experimental aircraft, a fact that was known to the Kennedy family shortly after the incident.

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Oculus picture

Character mistake: In the scene discussing the provenance of the mirror, the girl stated that Sherman marched to the sea in 1865. It was actually 1864.

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Cheap Thrills picture

Continuity mistake: When they are discussing whose pinkie gets cut off, Vince grabs Craig by the neck and pushes him against the refrigerator. Craig is first shown pushed against the right hand side of the refrigerator, but whenever the camera is on him for the rest of the scene, he is shown standing against the left hand side of the refrigerator.

Casual Person
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Jobs picture

Factual error: There is a shot in the movie showing the outside front view of the Apple Head Office building. At the bottom of the screen it states the year (1981 or 1982). As the year is posted on the screen, a Chevy Cavalier drives into the shot in the foreground parking lot of the property. The Cavalier's style/shape and front headlights reflect that of a 1992-1994 model car - not a car from 1981 or 1982. (01:04:20)

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Riddick picture

Character mistake: In Pitch Black they established the system they crashed in (M-344/G) had 3 stars. Jack stated it when the 2nd sunrise started, and the solar system model also had 3 stars. In this film when Boss Johns starts asking about M-344/G he's told it is a backwater system with 2 suns and 1 habitable planet.

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Delivery Man picture

Plot hole: The premise of the movie is that a group of this man's genetic offspring have united to learn his identity. He receives a stack of the bios of those in the lawsuit. One of the children he visits is severely disabled in a nursing facility and would not have been capable of joining the lawsuit.

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V/H/S/2 picture

Continuity mistake: At the end the guy is watching the video of the man that shoots himself in the chin, blood and bone go everywhere, then it shows the guy and girl walk in but there's absolutely no blood. They would have definitely noticed it.

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Company of Heroes picture

Continuity mistake: The company is stationed in the Ardennes forest, west of Bastogne, yet they suddenly show up in Germany, some 20 miles to the East.

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All Things to All Men picture

Factual error: The black Range Rover used throughout the movie has the wrong licence plate. The third and fourth numbers on the plate (UK spec licence plate) are '0' and '9' which refers to the vehicle as being a 2009 spec. The Range Rover used in the movie was discontinued in 2006 and was replaced with the face lifted model which the one in the movie is not.

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CBGB picture

Audio problem: When the Police play "Roxanne" for Hilly, the actors are just lip-syncing to the studio version; though his laugh has been edited out, the atonal piano chord at the beginning of the song, a now-famous gaffe from when Sting accidentally sat on a keyboard during recording, still remains.

Cubs Fan
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Baggage Claim picture

Revealing mistake: Montana gets a call from Sam who is informing her about Damon Diesel. The camera shows Montana rushing up to the phone which is on the table. When the phone rings it is not on the call screen, it is on the contact page. Shortly after Montana's mother comes and leaves Montana glances at the clock and hurries to call Sam. She raises her phone to her cheek and ask "Sam what's the flight number?" If you look closely, the call is not actually being made as her cheek is pressing different icons on her phone. (00:23:55 - 00:25:40)

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Mystery Road picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, the little girl's body changes position. When the trucker finds her, her lips are slightly apart, but when the police examine her body, her lips are closed.

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Runner Runner picture

Continuity mistake: When Ivan invites Richie onto his yacht for the first time, a jet ski pulls into Ivan's close-up, and disappears after it cuts back.

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Man of Tai Chi picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the beginning where Simon Yam is telling Karen Mok that the case she is working on is closed, as he holds her shoulder to turn her towards the door in one shot, and her hair is completely at her back behind her shoulders, but as he turns her around and the shot changes, her hair on the left side is seen over her shoulder in front.

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Germ picture

Revealing mistake: When Brooke arrives at the camp to drop off Steph and Chrissy, Chrissy leans out of the car and vomits, but you can see that she's not really vomiting, and is using her hand to cover up the special effects tube.

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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate picture

Plot hole: Luka sneaks into Bayonetta's hotel room and plants a hidden microphone. While sneaking out, he is caught. That's when he is astonished to find a child with Bayonetta who calls her "mummy." He does eventually escape the room and sits in corner with his radio, surprised that they both went to bed and he receives nothing. The problem is: One must be an idiot to plant a mic in a lone woman's hotel room in the dead of the night, unless he truly enjoys listening to her snoring! Planting the mic in her apartment or office, or on her mobile phone makes a lot more sense.

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Dead Man Down picture

Character mistake: In the scene where Beatrice looks at the newspaper clipping about her accident. The word "sentence" is misspelled "sentance" (00:24:35)

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The Numbers Station picture

Factual error: It was very nice of the East Anglian Transport Museum at Chappel and Wakes Colne to provide a train for the coder to go home in, and come in to work. The station is even in Suffolk; but of the two lines through the station, one is used by public trains, and the other by historic preserved trains. When the coder gets off her morning train, it is seen passing across points from the museum platform line into the railway museum, rather than continuing up the line to Sudbury, as a public train would. Appropriately, the train is a heritage DMU - a museum exhibit which has not been used on the main line for at least 25 years. So that's three reasons why she's not on a train which actually goes anywhere.

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